▪ The methods of investigation essentially were interviews with several first hand informants regarding both the subject as well as the previous personality’s sides of the case. Depending upon availability and cooperation, on the subject’s side of the case, they interviewed the subject, his or her parents, grandparents, siblings, and neighbors, or anyone who had heard the subject make statements directly or who had witnessed certain unusual behavior in the child at first hand. On the previous personality’s side of the case, they interviewed this personality’s relatives, friends, neighbors, and other persons who qualified as firsthand informants. In addition, they also examined written documents (horoscopes, birth certificates, etc.), whenever available, to check the accuracy of dates of birth.

General  Behavioural  characteristics  of  cases of  apparent  recalling  of  rebirth  

▪ The following are the general characteristic features noticed by the study of thousands of reported and investigated cases of apparent recalling of previous births by various Centre’s in different countries.

1. Children less than 5 years of age, normally experience recalling.
2. By and large, memories crowd in during the ordinary waking state. Of course, in some cases it can be clearly seen how some extraordinary stress and strain, harsh treatment sudden calamity, or an operation or chronic illness would precipitate the occurrence of apparent recalling.

3. Characteristically though, these subjects desire to go back to their abode of previous birth, express their longing to live in the midst of ‘kith and kin’ (who, now of course, are no better than strangers except for the fact of disclosure of verifiable details of blood relationships) either for a short duration or permanently.

4. Identification as to the details of person, and place such as the name of the former person, town, site of residence, house number, and descriptions of the rooms, etc., is amazing.

5. In a number of instances the child is asked to reach the place of apparent recalling, unaided, to recognize its blood relations and the child was
able to recognize accurately.
6. In most cases, persons who suddenly remembered their previous existence lived in a different town, In very few cases in a different country. While in just a few instances they lived in the same town or village as recalled.
7. In a handful of instances the supposed reincarnation took place in the same family or among close neighbours of the former family.
8. Besides recalling, there are recorded cases of individual’s Coming out accurately as to the nature of their lives in their previous existence, their agonies and frustrations, particular situations and trials, unnatural and premature
deaths, if any, Violent and ghastly occurrences, etc.
9. Usually memories of previous births: occur spontaneously irrespective of the sex.

10. Normally memories begin to fade away when children attain the age of 8 or 10 years.
11. Tallying of details as regards the faithfulness of reports in all their certainty; and the possible inference that such a recalling was not a phenomenon of ordinary means.
12. Invariably in all cases of investigation neither the parents nor the rememberer had visited the home of the previous person or had any access to knowledge about him before experiencing any recall.

13. Familiar response in matters of relationships depending upon the degree of intimacy and the nature of training while addressing kith and kin, and persons of acquaintance.

14. Attitudes and approaches to the problems and people as befitting the placement while in previous existence - for example in all experiences shared : of tears and joy, affection and resentment, fear and feeling, - and so on.
15. Houses, places of visit and similar things identified as they existed at the time of verification, that, is as they had been and were remembered by those who had seen.

16. Behavioural patterns reproduced identically bringing of all mannerisms, habits, skills and similar traits as acquired during the course of
previous personality. In some instances this “ carry over ” or “ the residual traits ” being possessed by the individual over a period of time for some years could be noticed.
17. Exhibition of a certain talent or prodigious virtue or skill in the life of the present period despite the absolute absence of an environment of that nature; evidently the manifestation of such special abilities could be clearly seen as the effects of previous existence whether it may be the case of acquisition of several languages, the proficient learning and skill associated with certain trade and profession. 
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