CHAPTER NO:- 10 》PART:- 11 》Geographic Past Life Memory & Deja Vu in Reincarnation Cases.

Momentary revival of previous existence or Déjà vu Geographic Memory

Introduction and Definitions

Déjà vu, the experience that one feels like they have been at a place before, even though the individual has never previously been at that 
location in the current lifetime, can be considered a subtle form of geographic memory. 

▪ An individual may have lived in or visited that location or some type of significant event in a past lifetime may have occurred at that geographic site.

▪ There are a number of cases of momentary revival of previous existence (paranormal knowledge of a place or event) usually that occurs.

▪ when a person visits some foreign lands. Such revival can be categorized as, 

1. Momentary revival of places
2. Momentary revival of events or persons
3. Geographic Memory in Reincarnation Cases 


▪ Peter Avery appears to have had a past lifetime as a Muslim in Iran. In contemporary times, he was born in England and was presumably a Christian. The subject of this case, Peter Avery, was born in Derby, England, on May 15, 1923. 

▪ In World War II, he served in the Royal Indian Navy. After the war, he attended the University of London, where he graduated in 1949 with 
a degree in Arabic and Persian languages. 

▪ With these skills, Peter took a job as the Training Manager for Arabic and Persian languages for the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. He was stationed in the city of Abadan in the southwest region of Iran. For the first six months of his assignment, he was confined to Abadan and the surrounding oil fields.

▪ In the winter of 1949-1950, a manager from the company’s London office, Mr. John Evans, was planning to tour facilities in Iran and he needed an interpreter to travel with him. Peter was assigned to escort Mr. Evans on a trip to Isfahan, in central Iran.

▪ Peter was delighted to be given his  assignment, as he would finally get to see more of Iran. As noted, Peter had never been out of the area surrounding Abadan. 

▪ Peter had one other experience which seemed to stem from a past  lifetime or lifetimes in Iran and India. It was in 1944, when he was serving in the Royal Indian Navy during World War II.

▪ Peter was 21 years of age at the time. An Indian officer on his ship had befriended him and invited Peter to visit his family, who lived in Lahore, which is now part of Pakistan. 

▪ The friend knew of Peter’s great interest in Islamic literature and culture and he wanted Peter to meet his father, Khan Bahadur Muhammad Shafi, who was a principle of a school for Asian studies and a scholar of Islamic history. 

▪ In Lahore, they visited the Shalimar Bagh, a garden complex which was built by the Islamic Mughal emperors. Peter was accompanied by his friend’s father, the scholar Bahadur Muhammad Shafi. Peter had never been to Shalimar Bagh before, nor had he read about its layout. Peter Identifies the Original Door at Shalimar Bagh 

▪ Peter and Mr. Shafi entered Shalimar Bagh through a doorway in a surrounding wall. Peter innately knew that this was not the original entrance. He told Shafi that the original doorway was in the wall opposite them, on the other side of the enclosure. Mr. Shafi told Peter that he was indeed correct.

▪ Later, Peter commented that the pavilion, or small building, in the center of the garden was not part of the original design. Mr. Shafi also confirmed Peter’s statement, noting that the pavilion was originally part of an emperor’s tomb complex and that it was moved to Shalimar Burg by Ranjit Singh, a Sikh who ruled Lahore from 1799 to 1839. 

▪ As such, Peter’s proposed past lifetime, in which he became familiar with Shalimar Burg, must have occurred before 1799, prior to the pavilion’s move from the tomb complex to Shalimar Burg.Déjà vu, in the Shalimar Bagh, Lahore

▪ Peter wrote about his experience at Shalimar Burg: “Although not as shatteringly moved as I was to be in Isfahan, by my sense of déjà vu, in the Shalimar Bagh in Lahore I certainly had a similar feeling of having been there before: of knowing the place intimately; of returning, as it were, home, to somewhere where I had once been ‘at home,’ but this feeling in the Madrasah in Isfahan was more penetrating than that in Lahore, where it was confined to the garden and did not extend to the whole environment.”

Dickens case 

▪ Dickens in his book “ Pictures from Italy ” narrates an episode in support of revival of former incarnation.

▪ The person in question arrived upon a secluded scene in his coach. Allowing his horses to rest for a while, he walked along the quiet path alone in the evening. Then he happened to come across a spot which looked like a mournful sheet of water, reflecting the colour of blood.

▪ The trees around seemed to present a very despicable picture. In the foreground he could see a couple of peasant girls leaning over the parapet of a little bridge.

▪ It looked as though that they had two things in view One, look up the sky; two, look below on the side into the water, blood red in colour. At the distance there was a deep dell, and the night was fast enveloping.

▪ The haunting scene and the grim surroundings were so powerfully overwhelms that nothing but the author’s own  expression would do justice to the reality: “If I had been murdered there in some former life, I could not have seemed to remember the place more thoroughly or with more emphatic chilling of the mood, and the real remembrance of it acquired in that minute is so strengthened by the imaginary reflection that I hardly think I could forget it.” ( Reference:-C. Dickens, Pictures from Italy, Chapman and Hall, London. n.d. ).

E. D. Walker case  

▪ E.D.Walker in his publication on “Reincarnation” provides an interesting case of recalling so very characteristic of pictorial art as far as the details of the description go.

▪ It is a case of a visit to the ruined Heidelberg Castle. Here the person got into a frame of mind when he could  draw the picture of a room as belonging to the inaccessible portion of the building.

▪ On verification it was discovered to be an exact reproduction of the interior design, with all the grim associations. 

▪ Still another impression caught hold of the subject in that he was involuntarily ruminating on the name of a German Professor, as written  out on one of the leaves of an old book preserved in the library. No doubt a search was made to get at the volume to find out whether a name of that sort had been written there. Well, the first time it proved in vain. 

▪ Since the impression was so deep-rooted, a second search was resumed, and  this time it was rewarding in that the name of an old German Professor was seen on the margin of one of the leaves of a very old volume in the library. 
( Reference:- C.D. Walker, Reincarnation, The Theosophical publishing Co. New york, 1911) 


▪ This particular instance provides an illuminating discovery how the narrator displayed an ability of mind and mercurial imagination in the reproduction of historical details as though he were there actually at that  time-and this is shown in “ The Soul of Nyria ” by Campbell-Praed,  wherein certain events “were not only unknown to herself in her ordinary consciousness also to all but a few scholars of Roman History,” 
(Reference:- R.C.Campbell-Praed, The Soul of Nyria Rider & co, London 1951.).

Past Life Emotions & Memories Stimulated by Past Life Locations

▪ Geographic memory will be defined as past life memories or emotions that are stimulated by visiting a physical location known from a past incarnation.  

▪ The reincarnation case of John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene involves a dramatic example of geographic memory, as Jeff experienced an intense flood of emotions when he visited the Civil War battlefield where he was shot and almost killed in a prior incarnation.

Ability to Spontaneously find Past Life Homes & Locations

▪ In addition, knowledge of a geographic area based on past life experiences, such as being able to find a specific building without prior knowledge of the area in the contemporary lifetime, will also be included as examples of geographic memory.  

▪ In many cases in this section, individuals, once in the vicinity of a past life location, were able to find the path back to their past life home.

▪ A dramatic example is found in the reincarnation case of Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen, as Barbro, at the age of ten and on her first visit to Amsterdam, was able to lead her parents from their hotel to the Anne Frank House without directions.

▪ Many reincarnation cases researched by Ian Stevenson, MD, demonstrate this type of geographic memory, where individuals are able to find past life homes, even in very remote areas.

Reincarnation, Past Lives & Déjà Vu

▪ Déjà vu, the experience that one feels like they have been at a place before, even though the individual has never previously been at that location in the current lifetime, can be considered a subtle form of geographic memory.

▪ An individual may have lived in or visited that location, or some type of significant event in a past lifetime may have occurred at that geographic site.

Reincarnation Cases which supports above claims

Independently Researched Reincarnation Cases with Physical Resemblance & Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

▪ Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen: Barbro Finds her way Home to the Anne Frank House

▪ Neurosurgeon Norm Shealy is Intuitively Guided to his Past Life Medical Office.

▪ John B. Gordon | Jeff Keene: An Emotional Flood at the Civil War Battlefield of Antietam

▪ Louise Vanderbilt | Wayne Peterson: A Past Life Epiphany on Fifth Avenue

▪ Francesco Foscari | Wayne Peterson: Wayne Finds his Tomb in Venice

▪ Penney Peirce Retraces her Steps from her Past LIfetime as Charles Parkhurst

▪ Karen Pigott feels Sick on the Road where She was Murdered in a Past Lifetime

▪ Ian Stevenson Turkish Children's Past Life Stories with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

▪ After Dying in a Plane Crash, Ahmet Delibalta Reincarnates and Finds his Way Home

▪ Nasir Alev Dies of Tetanus, Reincarnates and finds his Past Life Daughter and Leads her Home

▪ After being Murdered, Abit Suzulmus Finds his Way to his Past Life Home and his Murdered Past Life Wife

▪ Mehmet Cosman Drowns, Reincarnates Next Door to his Past Life Family and as Toddler, Walks Home

Ian Stevenson European Children's Past Life Stories with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

▪ Peter Avery Experiences a Flood of Emotions in Isfahan, Iran

▪ Ibleto di Challant | Giuseppe Costa: Emotions Relived in Italian Castles and a Church

▪ Giovanna Spontini | Laure Raynaud: Laure Remembers Where She is Buried

▪ Blanche Curtain: A Little Girl Finds her Past Life Pharmacy

▪ Margaret Kempthorne | Gladys Deacon: A Girl Remembers a Past Life Fall

▪ Ruprecht Schultz Remembers his Past Lifetime as Helmut Kohler in a Dark Hallway

Ian Stevenson Thai Children's Past Life Stories with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

▪ Choate Stumbles upon the Site where a Woman Gave Birth on a Past Life Road

Other Ian Stevenson, MD Reincarnation Cases with Geographic Memory or Deja Vu

▪ Mushir Ali, A Muslim, Reincarnates into a Hindu Family and Finds his Past Life Home and Family -New Case

▪ A Boy has Sudden Past Life Recall and Finds his Way to his Past Life Home and Buried Treasure

▪ Gamini, Born into a Buddhist family, find his Christian Past Life Home & Boarding House at St. Mary's College
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