CHAPTER NO:- 7 》PART 8 》 Investigation and Publication of Reincarnation Case Studies Dr. Jurgen Keil

▪ UNIVERSITY OF TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA Dr. Jurgen Keil studies reincarnation cases through scientific methods and has studied numerous reincarnation cases in Turkey and other countries with well-known reincarnation researcher, Prof. Ian Stevenson.

▪ He has published his findings in leading journals such as the Australian Journal of Psychology, the Medical Journal of Australia, the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, and Lexikon der Psychologie.

▪ He also explores the phenomena related with medium ship. Reincarnation and Parapsychology Dr. Keil says, “ I have researched hundreds of cases in Turkey, Thailand and Myanmar. I have also studied a few cases in Syria and Nepal.

▪ This is my conclusion: Some children, usually after they start talking, give details that point to connections with people who are dead - these are called previous personalities - before these children were born. For example, a child can give the name of a previous personality, claiming that he/she was that person. From time to time a child may talk about events that occurred during the lifetime of this previous personality with significant emotional interest or display birthmarks or birth defects that imply a connection to the previous personality.”

▪ Dr. Keil will also emphasize the paranormal factors that may play a role in explaining the reincarnation cases.
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