1. Joe Keeton

▪ Joe Keeton, a well-known hypnotist from Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula, is credited to have conducted about 8000 hypnotic regressions.

▪ Peter Moss's book -Encounters with the Past brings up how Joe Keeton's experiments reveal that - under hypnotic regression most people come under the cloak of another personality not their own. They behave and talk in a manner far different from their usual way. By some mysterious process they gain access to material about which are not consciously aware of.

▪ Thus they present themselves as a strange phenomenon. This is an interesting book in which Peter Moss cites quite a few case histories of regression conducted by Joe Keeton.

( Peter Moss, “Encounters with the Past” Penguin Books 1981)

2. Varvara  ivanova

▪ Here is a very interesting case of a psychiatrist himself being subject to regression wherein he comes out with tangible evidence for reincarnation. Varvara  ivanova, a noted Russian hypnotherapist, once met a very famous Soviet psychiatrist who told her that learning Arabic language was child's play.

▪ The Russian lady was curious about the statement so made. In turn she tried regression on this psychiatrist. Facts came up revealing truth associated with the previous life. This Soviet psychiatrist had been born an Arab in his previous life. That was how he found the study of Arabic absolutely easy. In the state of regression he furnished many things about his family and environment, occupation and social life, actions and fights.

▪ Further he was able to see all that as in a cinematography, in a sequence. He could read and write Arabic with such felicity of expression that baffled Varvara Ivanova. The wonder was : - How could he achieve that facility in Arabic language?  Although the person was a well-known psychiatrist himself, never before did he give any credence to the possibility of a regression. Now, of course, he does with all the spirit of conviction.

▪ Induced by this experimentation, ivanova tried regression on herself, and was dumbfounded to realise that she had not only been a Brazilian but also a German in her previous lives.

3. Professor Theodore Flournoy

▪ Once Professor Theodore Flournoy of Geneva University hypnotised a Swiss girl when she answered several questions satisfactorily, all related to her past life in broad details.

▪ And then she was suggested to recall her earliest point of time that had registered upon her consciousness as living then with all identity. She declared, no sooner than it was suggested, that she had been born as a very loving and dear daughter to an Arab Chief.

▪ That was not all, she remembered her name too as Simandan. Then how fluently she could speak Arabic! Other details too followed as though projected on a celluloid screen. She was given in marriage to a Hindu Raj called Sivrikaya.

▪ To demonstrate her association with the Indian way of life, she was able to show her firsthand knowledge about Indian dancing. Suddenly she remembered how her husband was busy constructing an excellent fortress called Chandragiri. Professor Flournoy has written a book about this case after having testified as to the veracity of the details from very old documents. This very interesting case study
4.   J. V. Rao

▪ A curious case of regression when a Catholic girl of 18, in a Hypnotic Show in Bombay, started speaking Italian language ! She revealed in that state that she had been born a man in her previous life in Italy, during the period of Mussolini. She said how her life came to an end because of a road accident. Some of these were revealed while under hypnotic state.

▪ She could not remember a single thing she uttered after returning to conscious experience. Further she frankly confessed that she had never stirred outside India, and had not the slightest notion how Italian language might sound when spoken.

▪ Still another instance of regression in the case of a Gujarati boy of 13 years of age in Jamshedpur is known to have claimed that he was born in Bombay, and he gave the address of a bungalow situated in Juhu for purposes of verification. He said that he was drowned when he was hardly 9 years of age in the sea of Juhu beach. Whatever he disclosed was found to tally as regards the nature of the incident and the location he recalled.

5. Arnall Bloxham

▪ Another fascinating case of past life regression took place in Wales where Graham Huxtable, a mild-mannered swimming instructor, was placed under hypnosis by hypnotist Arnall Bloxham. In a trance, Huxtable not just recalled a past life, he seemed to actually become a man named Ben, a boisterous gunner on an 18th century British frigate called Aggie.

▪ While inhabited by the personality of Ben, Huxtable would call out orders to the men on the ship in a heavy accent and use obscure nautical terminology. He even relived every moment of a battle in which he eventually suffered an injury to his leg.

▪ Bloxham had difficulty bringing Huxtable out of trance, but when he did, the man complained of a pain in his leg. And when Bloxham replayed a recording of the session, Huxtable was astonished at what he heard, recalling nothing of his experience under the trance. Although experts could verify the terms and language that "Ben" used, they could not find records of a ship named Aggie nor of the ship's captain he had named. Past life recall... or a case of multiple personality?

▪ Arnall Bloxham, a Welsh hypnotherapist who taped over 400 examples of past life regressions. In the 1970s journalist Jeffrey Iverson undertook a thorough investigation of Bloxham's cases. He found enough historical validation to conclude that reincarnation is real. In 1976 he published his seminal book about this, 'More Lives Than One'. Of Bloxham's work he remarked - that single famous case of regression, Bridey Murphy, was just a tune on an Irish fiddle compared to (Bloxham's) symphony of voices. Arnall Bloxham tried regression on Jan Evans a married woman of about 43, in 1939.

She was able to recall her six previous lives :

1. This lady led the life of a nun in Maryland, USA, and died around 1920

2. As a London sewing girl (1665-1714) during the reign of Queen Anne

3. Attender to Catherine of Aragon, who lived between 1485-1536 4 Servant to Jacques, died in 1451

5. Life of a Jewess in York, died in 1190

6. Wife of a tutor in Roman Britain, 286 A.D.

There are a few more instances of a very startling nature:

(i) A Welsh housewife was able to describe graphically the massacre of Jews in the 12th Century York.

(ii) A Press Photographer is said to have watched the execution of Charles I at Whitehall in 1649.

(iii) A Swansea man narrates his life aboard a frigate, as a pressed man in Nelson's Navy.

▪ More than 400 ordinary people were examined under Bloxham's hypnosis and all that material has been preserved and analysed so well that the details related to past lives turn very convincing as to throw up a lot of evidence in favor of reincarnation, not only as a possibility but as a certainty.

Reference : Jeffrey Iverson - More lives than one, Pan Books 1977 In recent years, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Eugene Jussek, Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Michael Newton have opened up new frontiers by investigating the inter-life period - where people's spirits go and what they do between their earthly lives. These researches are now confirming what Plato said all those centuries ago - that we live again and again;

▪ we choose our own lives; and we have a spirit guide to assist us through every life. With the help of the scientific method, however, this may be the first time in recorded history that these things have been so close to final proof.

6. Dr. Ian Stevenson.

▪ Dr. Ian Stevenson also conducted Hypnotic regression. But he is of the opinion that the personality evoked during regression seemed to comprise a mixture of the subject's personality, and the likely conjecturing of what he could possibly reconstruct about his past life and in addition, other elements that might add themselves paranormally. It is unfortunate that he is not able to arrive at proper conclusions.

▪ Skeptics and agnostics scoff not only at the theory of reincarnation but argue emphatically that a hypnotised subject under hypnosis would tend to construct stories, fabricate all such things that his imagination might allow. Contention is, all that is achieved on the part of the subject is done either to please the hypnotist or give a big boost to his sense of individuality. Mostly that this acts as a sort of a psychological compensatory mechanism is the stand adopted by that class of non believers.

▪ But the facts that are available could establish enough proof that such a conviction is ill-grounded. Now let us turn to the case of a famous American lawyer, who professed himself to be an iconoclast and a non-believer; but when subject to hypnosis gave out alarming details of his former life as a prostitute.

▪ There is yet another example of a respectable French lady who declared during hypnotic state that she was beheaded in her previous life since she was detected to have been carrying on a clandestine affair with a British lover.

7. Trutz Hardo

▪ Here you'll find extracts from Trutz Hardo recent work Children Who Have Lived Before, as well as various translated extracts from other books, such as The Great Handbook of Reincarnation and The Great Handbook of Karma, both of which are possibly the most comprehensive and practical books on healing through regression written to date.

▪ Trutz Hardo is a member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc. (IARRT), Riverside, California and is available around the world as a speaker and workshop facilitator in English.

▪ Of particular interest is the comprehensive introduction to regression therapy as well as a fascinating case study involving the healing of an extreme case of arachnophobia in just ninety minutes.

The 30 Most Convincing Cases of Reincarnation By TRUTZ HARDO


1) The boy who once again lives with his wife from the past.
2) Born again to the same parents, this time as twins.
3) A mother hugs her son, who is older than she is.
4) I wish to be reborn as your daughter.
5) I will return as your next son.
6) I drowned in a well when I was a young girl.
7) The boy who cried out for his daughter in his sleep.
8) The girl who completed a drawing from her previous life.
9) A boy discovers the name of his murderer from the past.


1) The man who rediscovered a clock from his past life.
2) Reunited with a brother from a past life.
3) Memories awakened on the battlefield.
4) Reunited with a lover from a past life.
5) Love in the present, balances unfulfilled love from a past life.
6) Reunited with her children from a past life.
7) The channeled past life information received through a medium is confirmed.
8) Reunited with his wife from a past life.
9) The déjà-vu experience in Salisbury Cathedral (England)


1. The dentist who had cold shivers run down his spine.
2. Proof of reincarnation through group regressions.
3. A psychologist's evidence of reincarnation.
4. Bridey Murphy stirs America's emotions.
5. The massacre of Jews in York.
6. The return of a much-loved mother.
7. Evidence of reincarnation revealed through regression therapy.
8. Search for Grace.


1. Ian Stevenson, the Copernicus of a New World Vision.
2. The book that will change our way of thinking
3. The girl who was murdered when she was a man in her past life.
4. Lost a leg in a train accident, later reborn without a leg.
5. Shot accidentally by his neighbour.
6. Shot down over Burma as an American during the war, later reborn in the same place.

8. Carol Bowman
▪ Carol Bowman, who has conducted much research, on children's past life memory, found that children before the age of 3, can easily recall previous lives.

▪ Memories begin to fade by age 5, and by age 7, their busy little minds, have pushed that part of their history, deep within, accessing it as adults do, in dreams, as intuition, or when in hypnosis.

▪ Carol Bowman has done some wonderful work on the past life memories of children which is represented in her works Children's Past Lives.

How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child and Return From Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family.

▪ During hypnosis, Virginia spoke with a pronounced Irish brogue, of her life in 19th century Ireland, revealing many details about Bride's life, including her birth date in 1798, her childhood amid a Protestant family in the city of Cork, her marriage to Sean Brian Joseph McCarthy, names, dates, places, events, shops, songs, and her death in 1858. Since then, an influx of memories from past lives, documented in books, journals and movies, have surfaced.

Past Life as a Nun

▪ Carol Bowman relates the story of a little girl named Elspeth who, before she was even two years old, spontaneously recalled becoming a nun.
▪ I'm going to take my vows, she suddenly told her mother while bathing, in one of the first full sentences she had ever uttered. - I'm not Elspeth now.

▪ I'm Rose, but I'm going to be Sister Teresa Gregory. This small child even described some of her convent duties, including milking the goats, making cheese and saying prayers. She even described her own death.

9. Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D.

▪ Dr. Brian Weiss, M.D. : The contribution of Dr. Brian Weiss to the field of Past-Life-Regression is unparalleled in modern times and he can rightly be called as the - Father of modern Past-Life-Regression. A Columbia and Yale trained M.D. Psychiatrist Dr. Weiss, proved reincarnation with his excellent research on past-life regressions. In the process of treating one of his patients named Catherine using conventional psychotherapy, Dr. Weiss rediscovered past-life-regression. Though he was initially skeptical, he continued to use past-life-regression in her treatment and the results were miraculous.

▪ During one of the sessions, his patient reached a between lives state and communicated with the departed souls of Weiss's father and son and relayed secret information about Weiss's family. As a result, his skepticism turned into solid belief.

▪ He published his experiences in great detail in his first and epoch making book 'Many Lives, Many Masters'  After the stupendous success of his first book, he wrote some more masterpieces like 'Messages from Masters', 'Through Time into Healing', 'Only Love is Real' and 'Same Soul, Many Bodies'.

▪ Dr. Brian Weiss expound on his research into reincarnation through hypnosis. Dr. Weiss is a Yale-trained psychotherapist, and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. His research is published in peer reviewed journals. One can reasonably disagree with his conclusions, but one cannot ignore his credentials or body of work.

▪ Dr. Weiss has personally regressed over 4,000 patients including some very well-known persons such as famous scientists. He has also trained over 1,000 therapists to do this work. He did not start out with any interest or belief in reincarnation. Rather, he was using regressive hypnosis as a tool to help people deal with buried traumas in this life.

▪ He was amazed when a patient spontaneously leapt to a - life experience not of this life and pinpointed it as the source of her trauma.

▪ Not only did she experience a quick and spontaneous healing, she went on to tell him information about his own father that she could not possibly have known.

▪ Intrigued, he began the research process into which he has now invested 26 years of his life. Dr. Weiss has documented numerous such cases of spontaneous healing associated with these seemingly recovered memories. These include both psychological and physical conditions, even including cancers.

▪ Further, he has many documented instances in which people regressed one or two generations to remember specific details about faraway places or deceased people, details which were later corroborated to the amazement of both the subject and the people whose lives were actually involved.

10. Dr. Michael Newton

▪ Dr. Michael Newton has done excellent work on the in-between-lives state. His books include 'Journey of Souls', 'Destiny of Souls' and 'Life Between Lives' & 'Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression'.

11. Roger J. Woolger, PhD

▪ Roger Woolger, a psychoanalyst in the Jungian Tradition, has done a lot of research in past-life-regression and his works include 'Other Lives Other Selves' and 'Healing your Past Lives'.

12. Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia

▪ Dr. Yuvraj Kapadia studied microbiology at the University of Mumbai, where he won a Gold Medal, which meant that he was the top student in microbiology at the university.

▪ After attaining his degree, he worked for a period of time in the financial services industry before he turned to past life regression therapy and clinical hypnosis as his life's work. In addition, he also teaches meditation and yoga.

▪ Dr. Kapadia founded the International Academy of Life and he and his wife, Neeta, operate the California Hypnosis Institute in Mumbai, India.

▪ Dr. Kapadia has held the office of Vice President of the International Association of Clinical Hypnotherapists (IACH-Asian Division).
13. Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy
▪ Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy have undertaken this new field of research with the fond hope of helping those that require understanding rather than imposing my views on them for the sake of a fancy or a whimsicality, Today man needs solace from different sources. Our life in the modern world has given us little sustenance. Perhaps all our tensions and worries are traceable to the conflicting situations that arise in our consciousness.

▪ Human progress should be aimed at by all means. There are different spheres of investigation. On my part Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy have investigated an area of the human mind to find out why a few men and women behave abnormally.

▪ So far no satisfactory solution has been found as far as mental disorders are concerned.

▪ Mental Diseases as Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy intuitively realise, arise out of the net-work of cause-effect relationship which could be dug into the past existence.

▪ This is an indigenous approach and Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy have attempted in unraveling many hidden truths. It is precisely these traits and tendencies of the previous existence that govern and dictate the present action and future destiny.

▪ As such treatment of mental disorders at the Institutes of Mental Health, He understand, is found to be of little help, except drugging the patients heavily.

▪ The purpose of this publication is not so much to impress upon people the theory of reincarnation - although there is enough proof to substantiate it - as to dispel the dogmas that fill the minds of psychologists and psychiatrists. And besides it has been my endeavor to show how seriously limited is our understanding of the human mind and its functions.

▪ At the very outset he should say that whatever he have tried is, in some measure or part, autobiographical in character. It is likely that some people may say that my claims in the book sound incredible.

▪ There may be a few people who dismiss my work outright. Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy do not intend offering long explanations for either category of readers.

▪ The contents presented here speak for themselves. All that Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy ask for is nothing but patient and careful reading, keeping an open mind.

▪ If that is accomplished; half the battle is won.

▪ Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy have published a Kannada novel called - SARTHAKATHE  ( Fulfillment ) which embraces the mystery surrounding the cycle of life and death through extra-sensory perceptions of mental patients, besides narrating the story as expected of creative fiction. Yes, Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy have woven into the texture of my plot, the Principle of Reincarnation.

▪ Many readers have written to me commending my work in glowing terms. In particular Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy take great pride in mentioning a few psychologists and psychiatrists who have the following remarks to make about my novel.

a) A healthy and plausible challenge to dogmatic assertions of scientific methodology;

b) An altogether humane but all-inclusive vision to human predicament offering heart-warming solutions.

c) Perhaps the first of its kind in expounding a philosophy, through art, to build up the theory of Reincarnation;

d) A bold stand which can remain unshaken in the face of any reputation, if any;

▪ Dr. C.M. Ramaswamy also started a Kannada monthly journal -SARTHAKATHE, in May 1981. Greatly encouraged by the response of the readers, I thought it was quite appropriate and befitting to bring out Reincarnation Research Journal -PUNARJANMA too in English with the sole aim of reconstructing the life-cycle based upon authentic records and thorough investigations.

▪ Often I questioned the very foundations of psychology and psychiatry but alas never did I get any satisfying and convincing answers. In particular I raised the fundamental issue whether the mental hospitals are the curative centres or creative agencies of mental disorders. My chief objection has been whether the people admitted there as patients are insane after all?

▪ Mental illness, during the 19th century might have been considered as a useful concept. But today we discover that it is not only scientifically worthless but socially injurious. It is universally believed that mental illness is a type of disease and psychiatry a branch of medicine. But neither of them seems to be true.

▪ The reasons are not far to seek. Medical diagnoses are the names of genuine diseases, whereas psychiatric diseases are nothing better than stigmatised labels.

▪ It is my deep conviction that -mental illness is just a myth, and psychiatric interventions serve no other purpose than injecting dejection to despairing souls.Or they may at best be directed to moral, and not medical problems. Psychiatric therapy now a days, in the guise of treatment, has only aggravated torture to the patients. This book deals with such a fallacious approach adopted by practitioners of psychology and psychiatry.

▪ It is high time that we possessed courage of a new order to break away from the beaten track. That alone could open doors to vistas of progress and prosperity. At the moment mere scientific tools alone won't answer most of the problems that surround human existence. Then what is the question?

▪ I have grown up with a religion not as a set of dogmas and a package of rituals but as a living force that concerns itself with the spiritual uplift and religious healing - of course, uncovering through doctrines, teachings and questions.

▪ Before I close it is my bounden duty to make my stand perfectly clear. My first task here is to present an essentially 'destructive' analysis of the concept of mental illness, and expose the so-called the discipline of psychiatry as a pseudo - medical enterprise. Let it be borne in mind that unless demolition takes place there is no question of a new creation or construction. What I have tried here is the latter upon a strong foundation as the pages of the book that follow will bear out Now please read further on….

14. Dr. Bruce Goldberg.

▪ Dr. Bruce Goldberg: Another stalwart in the field of past-life regression, Dr. Goldberg's books include 'Past Lives – Future Lives' and 'Dream Your Problems Away'.

15. Morris Netherton, PhD

▪ Morris Netherton, PhD: One of the pioneers of past-life-regression, his book 'Past Lives Therapy' is one of the earliest books on the subject.
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