CHAPTER NO:- 10 》PART:- 8 》Love, Relationship and Family Reunions through Reincarnation.

▪ In this section, cases are featured in which individuals are reunited through reincarnation.

▪ In some cases, this is accomplished by souls reincarnating within the same family, which will be called "Same Family" reincarnation cases.

Souls may also reincarnate geographically close to their past life family, which allows a reunion to take place. We will call these "Proximity" reincarnation cases. In other cases, individuals reincarnate separately, but are eventually brought together by destiny, which we will call "Destiny" cases.  Please note that all these types of reincarnation cases involve planning of a future lifetime by the soul. Reincarnation cases with specific future life plans are also provided in this section.

▪ Future parents can learn that a particular soul that will become their child through dreams, in which the incarnating soul communicates with the future parents.  Ian Stevenson, MD, called these types of events: Announcing Dreams.

▪ Ian Stevenson, MD Twin Study Supports Renewal of Relationships through Reincarnation

Same Family & Destiny Reincarnation Cases, Independently Researched Past Life Relationship Stories with Physical Resemblance 

▪ Sisters Reunited through Reincarnation: Alice & Phoebe Cary and Penney & Paula Pierce

▪ Belle Starr Reunites with her Children and Lost Love through Reincarnation

▪ Ian Stevenson Case: Bootlegger Sammy Reincarnates Near his Past Life Home and is Reunited with his Past Life Wife & Family

▪ After Being Sexually Abused, Elsa Gene asks Ruth to be her Mother, then is Strangled and Reborn to Ruth as Tikvah -New Case

Proximity Past Life Relationship Reincarnation Cases Researched by Ian Stevenson & Associates

▪ Hanan Monsour Reincarnates and Lovingly Sits on her Past Life Husband's Lap-Physical Resemblance.

▪ Daniel Jordi's Past Life Family Keeps a Cot for Him-Physical Resemblance

▪ After Committing Suicide, Helmut Kohler Reincarnates and is Reunited with his Surviving Son, Ludwig

▪ After Dying in a Turkish Plane Crash, Ahmet Delibalta Reincarnates and Finds his Past Life Wife

▪ After Dying from Tetanus, Nasir Alev Reincarnates in Turkey 300 Meters from his Past Life Home

▪ After A Minibus Crash following Ramadan, Abdulkerim Haydaroglu Reincarnates and is Reunited with his Past Life Family

▪ After Being Murdered, Abit Suzulmus Reincarnates and Finds his Past Life Wife

▪ Cevriye Baryi Remembers being Murdered and is Reunited with her Past Life Husband
Felix Fresnel Plans His Return from the Spirit World.

▪ Poldi Holzmuller Says She Will Reincarnate as a Boy Nearby and Does

▪ A Boy with Sudden Past Life Recall Finds his Wife from a Prior Lifetime

▪ Mithelish Commits Suicide & Reincarnates with Past Life Birthmarks & Similar Facial Features (Satwant Pasricha, PhD Research) -New Case

▪ Suresh Verma is Shot in the Head and Reincarnates as Titu Singh, with Similar Facial Features & Birthmarks Corresponding with Suresh's Wounds -New Case

Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation, Walter Semkiw Articles  Same Family Past Life Relationship Reincarnation Stories Researched by Ian Stevenson, MD

▪ Nai Leng Reincarnates as his Favorite Sister's Son, Choate

▪ Pertti Haikio Prevents an Abortion so He Can Reincarnate as His Sister's Son, Samuel Helander

▪ Blanche Bautista: A Lullaby from a Past Lifetime

▪ Alessandrina Samona 1 and 2: When Spirit Descends into a Fetus

▪ Bessie Gordon Chooses Her Favorite Granddaughter as her Future Mother

▪ After a Motorcycle Crash, Lionel Ennuyer Reincarnates as His Sister's Daughter

▪ Angelina Lopes Reincarnates as her Brother, Alfonso

▪ Eeva-Maija Kaartinen Reincarnates in Finland as her Sister, Maria-Liisa

▪ Jaako Vuorenlehto Reincarnates as his Wife's Daughter, Taru Jarvi

▪ After Being Murdered, Kalevi Paasio Reincarnates to Protect his Battered Mother

Independently Researched Reincarnation Cases-Physical Resemblance & Life Plan

▪ James Huston | James Leininger Chooses his Future Parents at the Royal Hawaiian

▪ Karen Pigott tells her Mother She Picked her Parents

Ian Stevenson, MD: Children Remembering Past Lives with Lifetime Planning

▪ Felix Fresnel Plans his Next Lifetime, Including Date & Place of Birth, in France

▪ As She is Dying from TB, Poldi Holzmuller Plans to Reincarnate Nearby & Ride in Marie Neurath's Carriage and Does

▪ Jaakko Plans his Next Incarnation, Including Date of Birth, as his Wife's Daughter.

▪ Margaret Kempthorne | Gladys Deacon: Both Born on January 25
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