▪ Skeptics, Atheists and Agonists often raise their eyebrows saying whether Reincarnation is a reality at all.

▪ The first challenge they put up is. -Then produce scientific proof to vindicate the phenomenon. Any assertion unaccompanied by scientific verification or laboratory testing is dismissed as rubbish or bunkum.

▪ All of us experience different kinds of emotion, occasioned by certain situations and circumstances.

▪ For example, Love and hate are the commonest of them all.

▪ Say, if someone should demand demonstrable proof of how these feelings of hate and love spring how are you going to set up an experiment in the laboratory to prove it ?

▪ But aren't these things and several others that the human flesh inherit to are living realities ?

▪ Do we dismiss them as non-existent since they cannot be scientifically proved ! as in the case of material objects of the observed phenomenon ?

Certainly not. Similar is the realm of reincarnation.

▪ There are certain inner realities that bear intimate relationships with one another, but all the time imperceptible. Memory, through one form or the other carries the 'Weaving thread' 'ad infinitum.' This is a subtle truth and so defies observable demonstration.

▪ Beyond all visible phenomenon is the 'soul' - 'a Metaphysical reality' could we dismiss this too because we fail to comprehend it, bound by obvious human limitations ?

▪ Recent efforts to prove reincarnation as a reality through investigations have been primarily based upon “memories of the past”- and the reconstruction vouches for absolute authenticity as far as time and space are concerned - here historical and geographical facts have blended so well that there seems to be hardly any flaw in such a recalling of previous existence.

▪ From out of this has been built up the theory of reincarnation, the cycle of life and death. of course, this eludes the purely physical and demonstrable verification, as materialists and scientists demand right now.

What we should remember is the 'Subtlety 'of the perennial process of reincarnation.

▪ We cannot easily hope to understand its truth applying the physical yardsticks as done in scientific laboratories.

▪ Tools required in respect of the cycle of reincarnation, for purposes of faith and convincing proof, are wholly different from those employed in scientific pursuits.

▪ It is unfortunate that scientists do not cross these frontiers in order to appreciate something different.

▪ If at all proof is necessary to establish the fact of reincarnation, what the scientists ought to remember is that they do not possess those tools that enable them to understand such things.

▪ But when those endowed with metaphysical imagination, exceptional intuitional faculty and extraordinarily unsullied memory come out with certain facts, they ought to practice humility that there are an infinite number of things they have the least knowledge of, and to dismiss the entire thing is 'useless' is sheer folly.

Memories as Evidence

▪ The Story of reincarnation is the study of evidence available in that regard as investigated in the earlier chapters.

▪ Memory, be it remembered, is the very fountain of information through remembrances either by spontaneous or by the induced methods.

▪ However, these memories in most of the cases mentioned earlier in this publication have proved to be genuine regarding their authenticity.

▪ It is necessary to understand more about memories and their character to examine whether memories have any definite role in vindicating scientific proof on reincarnation.

▪ Memory is the means by which the human brain preserves many impressions of an indelible nature - it records, stores and retrieves information based upon divergent experiences, as projected through time without break.

▪ It has got three vital functions: the ability to retain impressions, their production when required in a series and 'recall'.

▪ All such experiences that are associated with strong feelings carry their intensity as well as their longevity.

▪ A person's memory is invariably taken to mean all such associations and relationships of the past as well as present.

▪ Several influences impinge upon the human mind during the process of actual experiences, preservation or retention, and 'recall'.

▪ Actually the relationships between the past and present arise basically out of a profound transformation in the cycle, (of course, imperceptible) through what is called biographical change.

▪ As links in a chain they run on undeterred. That is how past, present and future become one continuum of time.

▪ Memory is one of the most fundamental function operative in Nature's design. In the vast cosmic laboratory everything is recorded and retained and transmitted. Nothing can obliterate this activity.

▪ The cycle of time in its purely ephemeral aspects such as past, Present and future is just an arbitrary human arrangement for convenience.

▪ At the level of cosmic consciousness, the question of time as we understand does not exist.

▪ For that matter to comprehend it completely, past, present and future are all merged into one ceaseless activity of the 'now' awareness carried on eternally.

▪ As such memory of future is not a misnomer but a valid phenomenon, as real as the past that is gone by or the living present.

But then the very important question comes up: who are those souls that could prophesy future events ?

▪ Yes, they are the emancipated souls or Jivanmuktas. Nothing is mysterious to them much less misty.

▪ They have the powers to use the Divination as ordained by destiny, Surely they are the ones qualified to envision all such possibilities legitimately.

▪ However, in general, we notice in all instinctive actions of living beings man, bird and beast and so on - memory arising out of the past experiences and at the same time dominating the course of action at that moment.

▪ The manner in which these activities take place is a knowledge that belongs to the subtler regions of universal or cosmic consciousness and the lawful evolutionary mechanism of all creatures.

▪ Man may be considered as the most mysterious phenomenon of all living beings.

▪ Human brain contain within them a treasure house of infinite memory, ordinarily not accessible.

▪ Remote things to do imprint upon the memory and the storage of memory may sometimes get shrunk.

▪ Flashes of experiences of the by - gone periods or intuitional prophetic insights of future occurrences come from this inexhaustible source, as a compelling influence upon the conscious mind.

▪ Actually they are the re-enactment of the earlier events, registered so vividly there. Sometimes the revisiting of this kind of flashback of memory may bring about a change in the life of an individual.

▪ However, I have endured to reconstruct the past lives of the individuals that I have studied so far out of this treasure house of memory.

▪ Normally speaking; People by and large hesitate to report some of these things as they flash across their consciousness.

▪ It is also true that sometimes these experiences seem to be so very abnormal that many people keep them as a closely - guarded secret.

▪ Where certain recalling becomes very greatly over-whelming and irrepressible, delving into the previous existence has been possible in all such cases.

▪ That is how I have recorded the lives of those whom I have studied for purposes of reincarnation.

▪ It is asserted by many that this kind of memory seems to be more dependable than sensate memory as far as proof, in respect of reincarnation, is concerned.

▪ Needless to emphasise here that these are facts generally based upon reincarnation, if they are recent enough to be tested accurately historically as well as geographically, the matter becomes simpler still.

Here it is necessary to consider three kinds of memories

1. Continuous memory – it is an involuntary but ceaseless pouring out of experiences mostly arising out of the unconscious.
2. Immortal memory – this is a case arising out of the reincarnated immortal self of a person who happened to experience actually the past life of an individual whose imprint is so well recorded in the memory in the ― non-dying causal body.

3. Cosmic memory – not ordinary people can hope to possess this gift.

▪ Seers and sages, saints and prophets of extra-ordinary intuition and perception, and those who could look before and after through their rich range of imaginative faculty alone could preserve and recall such things of the past as well as future. These memories are what are called 'Cosmic memories'.

▪ It is very important to remember here that this should not be mistaken for wishful thinking much less confused for creative imagination', or speculative philosophy, or merely delusive excursion into the realms of the unknown or aimless conflict between the true and the false.

▪ What matters here is the validity or better still, The authenticity of a memory experience in the light of its impact on the life of individual in question.

▪ A genuine memory has the subtle quality of re-experiencing the past instead of merely recollecting something without enough identity.

▪ A significant one will ever endure rather than fade out its effect could be seen on the life of the individual and his outlook.


▪ Memory is one constant denominator in respect of all living creatures.

▪ In the case of man, no doubt it has reached the peak. Rather fascinating to know that plants too have the power of memory, though in an infinitesimal way.

▪ The Unconscious continuous memory is investigated by the source of modern technology and science as the various scientists worth the name.

▪ Research work undertaken by great horticulturists of the order of Luther Burbank, George Washington carver and many others reveal the fact that the faculty of memory is not the monopoly of man alone but plants and flowers too enjoy the gift of memory as endowed by nature in the same manner as sensory organs, though, of course, in a microscopic manner.

▪ The concept of continuous memory can nowhere be better seen than in the instances of child –prodigies as discussed in the earlier chapter under the title -Astonishing talents and abilities - child –prodigies.

▪ Especially the cases of Mozart, Hamilton, Tom, Pascal are the ones that need to be remembered. They were able to see a continuous recovery of the past life or previous existence, all such faculties that shone in the illustrious career.

▪ This kind of recovery is quite significantly a case of remembering the previous existence in terms of re-experiencing all the accumulation or a portion of it as an unbroken chunk of a live situation'.

▪ Extraordinarily gifted individuals could be cited as cases of 'continued use' of a faculty developed long ago in the earlier birth or past existence.

▪ All of us are aware of the fact how some pick up certain skills acquire learning of new things or possess the ability to execute some jobs with ease, grace and competence.

▪ Whereas others might sweat hard, toil day and night and yet cannot come anywhere near category mentioned earlier.

▪ Genetic content by itself won't prove the point or the environment.

▪ The only plausible theory is the theory of reincarnation.
▪ Let us think of people who share certain pleasures or discuss things in a like-minded fashion or consider how some people get so close as friends or turn bitter enemies.

▪ The force of attraction or the pull of repulsion could be traced back to the previous existence of the individuals.

▪ Better still, how do some people turn 'addicts' to alcohol or tobacco or drugs or some other vice.

▪ These are definitely the traits and tendencies of the previous life carried on to the present existence.

▪ The force of the past is so strong that no power on earth could dissuade the person from the addiction.

▪ It might ruin the life. And yet, the addiction continues unchecked in spite of warning that comes up from one's own 'conscience'.

▪ Sometimes we notice how some individuals get perturbed by what is called 'compunctions of conscience'.

▪ What exactly is this? It is nothing but the soul's memory of mistakes made in the past.

▪ Often there may be a forewarning too to avert the catastrophe.

▪ But what happens is ultimately the 'composition of the past'.

▪ Could anyone possibly notice the phenomenon of unconscious continuous memory as such?

▪ The answer to this is clearly 'NO' - because all of us have been busily engaged in employment that we are hardly aware of its presence, generally speaking.

▪ This is so since this aspect has been part and parcel of our daily existence.

▪ Then how is it that people of diverse nature and temperament and capacity have been cast for different jobs, professions and careers such as teachers, priests, doctors, engineers, ministers, business executives and so on?

Again the answer to this is self-explanatory.

▪ Deep inclination in a definite direction springs from the same source of the past in which the qualities that persisted in previous existence continue to manifest, though in an altered physical environment, in the same channels of achievement or failure.

▪ Obviously this is nothing but the tremendous flow of the past memory reshaping itself towards a particular end as the soul deep inside has charted out.

▪ This can be seen in our everyday existence, though, of course, without the realization of its impact or the reason for its continued existence in the same path.

▪ Thus this flow of memory, the reshaping of the soul against the background of the past, the ways and means of the soul's journey in the light of the earlier records of the treasure house of memory determine the course of the earlier records of the treasure house of memory determine the course of one’s existence through reincarnation which is in every sense a sort of revelation when properly understood.

Immortal Memory

▪ At times every one of us will experience 'glimpses of vision' like a stroke of lighting in its 'flash' that helps us gain some meaning out of it.Of course, not all are capable of comprehending either meaning or its significance.

▪ Its adjustments are suitably made in the wake of 'message flashing out' of the memory much of the misery in the individual life could be mitigated.

▪ However, it is ideal to pay heed to this vision, and its symbolic value may be related either for good or for bad depending upon the nature of the memory.

▪ The fact is such a memory may be looked upon as an indicator in one's life. Its influence has immense possibilities for corrections and adjustments. The way it appears most naturally is from a feed-back.

▪ One might often wonder whether it is not an obscure memory of visual imagination - yes it is imagination traceable to the recalling of the past episodes or trends !

▪ At times such signals hoisted up would be able to guide the destiny of individuals. What is required in this regard is the capacity for a little reflection for reconstruction of details. Generally speaking, the effect of an immortal memory is often life - giving as well as life shaping.

▪ It is not only enduring but the dual aspects or facets of a single universal phenomenon ever in a state of flux, with the cause and consequence chasing along the roads of destiny.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word, highly pregnant with meaning.

▪ It is fundamentally the very matrix of the universe out of which all that exists has been born.

▪ In that respect, it is a super-sensuous essence that pervades all space and time.

▪ Its response is spontaneous as well as external, to the vibration of all creation in the universe.

▪ Surprisingly though, is both dense and subtle very much akin to the micro-material recorded on the tape.

▪ This activity of recording the infinite vibrations unto eternity is God's supreme Grandeur, collected and compiled in the form of akashic records.

▪ Highly gifted individuals with super-sensory perception would be able to read these records as occasions offer themselves for such a possibility.

▪ In this sense, Edgar Cayce may be cited as an outstanding example who could read Akashic records.

▪ A person's life is governed by what he does and by what is modified in the course of his life through his experiences.

▪ All that which takes place naturally affect the individual either for affliction or for affection, as determined by the thoughts and acts and consequences.

The Mechanism Of Recalling

▪ This is acquired by constant training of the mind to reproduce certain things at will Recitation of a poem, the enactment of a role, the reproduction of a scene from a text or any memorable passage are all possible for those that devote their time and energy to such an exercise.

▪ There is another facet to this from the point of reincarnation. That is, when a person is asked for a name which he encountered in his past life, he supplies it.

▪ By this we see how the person -re-lives - and when extended to experiences, they reveal a wealth of detail about lives of the by-gone ages whether of the immediate past or very distant past this becomes as real as the present.

▪ In all such cases, it is the 'recreating' of the atmosphere in all its salient features and characteristic qualities, here and now.

▪ In brief, successful recalling is found to be a common occurrence in our daily life.


▪ This is an act of recognizing the incident place or person or any other thing experienced earlier during the present life.

Paradoxical  Recognition  (Déjà vu)

▪ Although a certain event seems to have been recognised by the person in question paradoxically though, on verification is discovered to have taken place earlier before the present birth or an occurrence revived after several centuries sometimes.

▪ Such a 'déjà vu' is entirely on account of past life experience or positively because of post cognition.
▪ Sensory stimulation couples with the innate capacity - to see  provides the material for all imaginings. This faculty distinguishes man from the beast.

▪ Memory Imagining, of all the other kinds, may be regarded as unique in that it provides a powerful recalling when we experience a kind a journey back in time.

▪ In fact, this is essentially an illusion especially so when we happen to witness certain things in our mind's eye as experiences taking place, here and now. Invariably this is a kind of -re-living the past moments.


▪ While we are able to visualise many things of the past through the help of our memory, it must be admitted here that there is no mechanism or marvel to make the other person remember or relive the past by the help of our memory as a substitute in his position.

Method  of  getting scientific  evidence  on  Reincarnation.

What is the demand of present scientific world to accept Reincarnation as Scientific fact? What  is  Science ?

▪ If the subject has to get a status of science it must fulfill the basic conditions of science like objectivity, repeatability, consistency and universality in addition to experimentation, observation and inference.

▪ The past lives if exhibited by photographic proof may raise the eyebrows of intellectuals. The following method can be tried out by utilizing the knowledge of photography, Clairvoyance, Electronics, Hypnotism, Mesmerism, Yoga, Psychology, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, intuition and Astrology to produce photograph of the past lives.

▪ In this method the memories of the past lives thoughts can be photographed as thoughtography.

What is Thoughtography

Thoughtography, also called projected thermography, psychic photography, nengraphy or nenshi is the claimed ability to "burn" images from one's mind onto such surfaces as photographic film by psychic means.

▪ While the term "thoughtography" has been in the English lexicon since 1913, the more recent term "projected thermography" is a neologism originating from the 2002 U.S. remake of The Ring Movie.


Thoughtography (also known as psychic photography) first emerged in the late 19th century due to the influence of spirit photography.

▪ Thoughtography has no connection with Spiritualism, which distinguishes it from spirit photography. One of the first books to mention "psychic photography" was the book The New Photography (1896) by Arthur Brunel Chatwood.

▪ In the book Chatwood described experiments where the "image of objects on the retina of the human eye might so affect it that a photograph could be produced by looking at a sensitive plate."The book was criticized in a review in Nature.

▪ The psychical researcher Hereward Carrington in his book Modern Psychical Phenomena (1919) wrote that many psychic photographs were revealed to be fraudulent produced by substitution and manipulation of the plates, double-printing, double-exposure and chemical screens. However, Carrington also stated he believed some of the photographs to be genuine.

▪ The term "thoughtography" was first introduced at the beginning of the twentieth century by Tomokichi Fukurai.

▪ Skeptics and professional photographers consider psychic photographs to be faked or the result of flaws in the camera or film, exposures, film-processing errors, lens flares, flash reflections or chemical reactions.


Tomokichi Fukurai

▪ Around 1910, during a period of interest in Spiritualism in Japan, Tomokichi Fukurai, an assistant professor of psychology at Tokyo University began pursuing parapsychology experiments using Chizuko Mifune, Ikuko Nagao, and others as subjects. Fukurai published results of experiments with Nagao that alleged she was capable of telepathically imprinting images on photo plates, which he called nensha. When journalists found irregularities, Nato's credibility was attacked, and there was speculation that her later illness and death was caused by distress over criticism.

▪ In 1913, Fukurai published Clairvoyance and Thoughtography (an English translation title). The book was criticized for a lack of scientific approach and his work disparaged by the university and his colleagues. Fukurai eventually resigned in 1913.

Eva Carrière
▪ Carrière with fake ectoplasm made from the French magazine Le Miroir. In the early 20th century the psychical researcher Albert von Schrenck-Notzing investigated the medium Eva Carrière and claimed her ectoplasm "materializations" were the result of "ideoplastic" in which the medium could form images onto ectoplasm from her mind.

▪ Schrenck-Notzing published the book Phenomena of Materialisation (1923) which included photographs of the ectoplasm. Critics pointed out the photographs of the ectoplasm revealed marks of magazine cut-outs, pins and a piece of string. Schrenck-Notzing admitted that on several occasions Carrière deceptively smuggled pins into the séance room.

▪ The magician Carlos María de Heredia replicated the ectoplasm of Carrière using a comb, gauze and a handkerchief.

▪ Donald West wrote that the ectoplasm of Carrière was fake and was made of cut-out paper faces from newspapers and magazines on which fold marks could sometimes be seen from the photographs.

▪ A photograph of Carrière taken from the back of the ectoplasm face revealed it to be made from a magazine cut out with the letters "Le Miro". The two-dimensional face had been clipped from the French magazine Le Miroir.

▪ Back issues of the magazine also matched some of Carrière's ectoplasm faces. Cut out faces that she used included Woodrow Wilson, King Ferdinand of Bulgaria, French president Raymond Poincaré and the actress Mona Delza.

▪ After Schrenck-Notzing discovered Carrière had taken her ectoplasm faces from the magazine he defended her by claiming she had read the magazine but her memory had recalled the images and they had materialized into the ectoplasm. Schrenck-Notzing was described as credulous. Joseph McCabe wrote "In Germany and Austria, Baron von Schrenck-Notzing is the laughing-stock of his medical colleagues."

Ted Serios
▪ In the 1960s, it was claimed that Chicago resident Ted Serios, a hotel bellhop by trade who was then in his late forties, used psychokinetic powers to produce images on Polaroid instant film.

▪ Serios's psychic claims were bolstered by the endorsement of a Denver-based psychiatrist, Jule Eisenbud (1908–1999), who wrote a book called The World of Ted Serios: "Thoughtographic" Studies of an Extraordinary Mind (1967) arguing that Serios's purported psychic abilities were genuine.

▪ However, professional photographers and skeptics have subsequently alleged that Serios was employing simple sleight of hand.

Masuaki Kiyota

▪ Masuaki Kiyota a Japanese psychic has claimed powers of psychokinesis.

▪ Kiyota was tested by investigators in London by Granada Television and the results were negative. It was discovered that with tight controls, Kiyota was unable to project mental images onto film. He could only achieve success when he had the film in his possession without any control for at least 2 hours.

▪ According to magician and skeptic James Randi "Kiyota's Polaroid photos were apparently produced by pre exposing the film, since it was noted that he made great efforts to obtain a film pack and spend time with it in private."[23] In a 1984 television interview, Kiyota confessed to fraud.

Uri Geller

▪ In 1995, famed psychic Uri Geller began to use a 35mm camera in his performances. The lens cap left on the camera, Geller would take pictures of his forehead and then have the pictures developed. Geller claimed that subsequent images had come directly from his mind. James Randi claimed Geller had performed the trick by using a "handheld optical device" or by taking photographs on already exposed film.

Thoughtography of the present life memories has already been photographed by Ted Serios in the form of buildings, places, persons etc. through the polaroid camera.

▪ Dr. Jule Eisenbud has photographed number of memories of Ted under laboratory conditions in 1966 and at the same has been published as -The world of Ted serios in Great Britain in 1968.

Reference : { The world of Ted serios by Jule Eisenbud 1968, “ Thoughto graphic studies of an extraordinary mind ”. Jonathan Cape Ltd., 30 Bedford Square, London WC1. Bound by A.W. Bain and Co. Ltd., London. }

▪ The same principle can be implemented to get the past life thoughtography by regressing an individual to past lives through Hypnotism.

▪ To confirm the validity of thoughtography three stages of thoughtography are suggested here on selected individuals by Astrological Knowledge.

Stage 1

▪ Put the subject under trance through both hypnosis and mesmerism and a particular person or places are suggested to remember and the photograph is taken and confirm the trueness of the photo against the suggested person or place.

▪ This experiment is to be continued for a minimum of three times which confirms the thoughtography.

▪ This stage proves that the thoughts of an individual can be pictured.

Stage 2

▪ Regress the subject under hypnotic and mesmeric sleep to a particular time of this life (say about 5 or 10 years) and photograph that particular memories as in stage one and repeat thrice to confirm the trueness of his memory with thoughtography.

▪ This stage proves that memories of past can be photographed of an individual in his present life.

Stage 3

▪ Regress the subject under hypnotism and mesmeric sleep to any particular time of his past life and photograph that memories as in stage I and stage II.

▪ Repeat the process thrice and confirm the similarity and trueness.

▪ Further confirmation can also be made by physical verification of such places and persons photographed. If these thoughtography is produced reincarnation theory becomes a scientific validity as it meets the demand of the scientific World.

▪ This is not a challenge to the scientists, but an appeal to our Scientific World to develop interest in the super science of this era and help the humanity by proving scientifically in laboratory the theory of Reincarnation which alone can bring world peace and prosperity.

Thoughtography of the present life memories
has already been photographed by Ted Serios
in the form of buildings, places, persons  etc.
through the polaroid  camera as Shown In image below.

Human mind has a power to do wonder of wonders as There is a Sleeping Giant of Mental Power in Every Human Being

Read the article below to confirm  The above statement
Professional stunned at his Insight.

▪ Men of medical profession, who often throw up their hands in utter despair, faced with chronic ailments, have nowadays accepted hypnotherapy as one of the possible means of diagnostic treatment.

Dr. William McDougall wrote long ago without reservation that -Hypnotism is undoubtedly the most Important, the most fruitful and far-reaching method of experimental psychology. It is neither magic nor witchcraft but a device highly beneficial in hypnotherapy. Today American physicians use it without labelling it just as McDougall used it in neuralgia cases.

▪ The New York Journal has published a very interesting narrative wherein an eleven year old boy is credited with X-ray vision. He is the son of Dr. Frank Wallace Brett; a Massachusetts : physician. His performances in diagnosing diseases are extraordinary.

▪ Mrs. Allen, wife of Dr. Allen, had been a sufferer from gout rheumatism. Dr. Frank boy Leo was called in. Just looking at the lady he was able to see where the malady lay. He started describing at once all the symptoms of gouty rheumatism, including in his details chalky deposits in the joints, the thickening and inflammation of the right sciatic nerve.

▪ How did Leo acquire this power ? Was it a God given gift ? Once Dr Frank hypnotised his own son for professional reasons. In that state, the boy cried out, - Papa, how is it you have a crack in your arm,bone ?  And further he declared, - oh father, I can see your bones very well". Greatly surprised at this, Dr. Frank realised that what the son had said was all true to facts. This was all the more confirmed, when the boy succeeded in coming out with the truth related to half a dozen fractured cases at the hospital.

▪ Once Dr. Brett introduced Leo to one Mrs. Randall and asked the boy what was the matter with the lady. Then the boy was hypnotised and asked to examine her. Leo said, after a minute "I can see a great big sore in her lungs, just where the two are joined together, and it looks as though it had been bleeding. On confirmation it was literally true. The lady had two haemorrhages within a week. And very shortly she died of galloping consumption.

▪ Another startling case was presented to Leo. And it was a case of a lady of sixty. A team of doctors had pronounced her ailment as cancer. As the last resort Leo was called in, by his father, Dr. Frank. When the boy was asked to report he said, after looking at her steadily for a while: "Why papa, her liver is much larger than yours. Besides, yours is smooth, while hers is all covered with bunches like hubby ice. Yours is brown, while hers is brown all streaked with white, like fancy chocolate cake. The white stuff looks to me like candle vision.

▪ The father was very happy and now he was in full possession of facts, The source of the old lady's trouble had been shown to him. Plainly, the old lady was suffering from amyloid degeneration of the liver. No doubt it was dangerous but definitely not a case of cancer.

One more instance is enough to substantiate this boy's abnormal gifts.

▪ A married lady of 35, was alive despite valvular disease of the heart. Dr. Frank wondered, as usual Leo was called into the consultation room. In a minute he explained that the two valves functioned all right, but the third one didn't, properly. It was just the case to set right this defect.

▪ Dr. Frank offers his opinion about his son Leo. - I do not claim the boy's peculiar gifts as supernatural. I do not believe in the supernatural, But I do say that they are supernormal.—Yes, if only we care to realise the implications of such possibilities !

▪  Even though no scientific proofs that meet laboratory standards of repeatable exactitude in favour of Reincarnation are offered at  present Reincarnation Research Centre at Bangalore is conducting a research to  give scientific validity to Reincarnation by trying to photograph one's previous existence in detail such as friends and relatives, building and places, events and experiences from person claiming remembrance and also from others through Thoughtography.

▪ The only type of evidence available at present to show that we were living some days, months or years or decades before is that of our remembrance (memories) having lived at that earlier time.

▪ This recalling is coherent, and related to the facts that stand the test of verification. Further the remembered gets all these details in a mood for having lived at that earlier time, in such and
such a place.

▪Add to this there is the reproduction of circumstances in such a regression for having done certain things then as also for undergoing some experience rather unique in nature, quality and sequence.

▪ Similarly, there are hundreds of persons that now claim to remember having lived on earth a life earlier than the present one. Fascinatingly though, on verification of such instance many persons were able to remember events and identify their kith and kin and others from their previous lives and tendencies, physical features or scars similar to those of the claimed previous personality.

▪ Such instances are not only convincing as evidence but offer us, broadly speaking, diverse varieties of manifestation wherein we may identify
the primary ones elucidating the doctrine of previous existence.

Contributions from Reincarnation Research Centre in Bangalore Medical College and Research Center, Karnataka, India to Resuscitate Humanity and Establish World Peace

(1) True Education = Music + Literature + Culture. 
(2) Right way of Living
(3) Self – Realization =  salvation
(4) Research on: The Secret of Mind, The Secret of Mental diseases, The Secret of Universe, The future of Mankind.
(5) Research on Reincarnation and Survival of the Soul

▪ These are the Five books containing the knowledge of Jana, Vijana, Sujana and Divya Jnana and also. These are the five VEDAS and UPANISHADS of future Golden age  that is SATYA YUGA.  

▪ If kumar Vasa sings a song there will be floating flood of lightening in the human body as though the sacred land of Bharat is dancing with joy in the people’s eyes converting the present Kali Yuga to Dwapara Yuga.  - K.V. Puttappa   
▪ If Researcher on Reincarnation writes there will be lightening of the knowledge of self realisation and salvation with the dawn of universal Brotherhood and World Peace converting the present Kali Yuga to Sathya Yuga. - D.R C.M Ramaswamy.
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