▪ As we Have Discussed in the Previous Chapter ie Chapter no:- 3  About Concept of soul, Also How Concept of Soul First Came into Existence, Also about How Science has rejected Concept of Soul as Consciousness and Explained Human Consciousness as Neural Correlates of Consciousness Mechanism (NCC).

▪ But Neural Correlates of Consciousness Mechanism (NCC) has its own demerits which we have discussed in Chapter no 11.

▪ Now let us see what Parapsychology Can Give Evidence for soul.

▪ Parapsychology is a branch of Psychology which deals with the study concerned with the investigation of paranormal and psychic phenomena which include telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences, reincarnation, apparitional experiences, and other paranormal claims.


▪ The idea of life after death has captivated human beings from the beginning of their history when the most primitive forms of spirituality came into existence. Questions of the soul, heaven, a light at the end of the tunnel, God, and our purpose on earth have never lessened in abundance.

▪ Tens of major and minor religions have attempted to answer these questions to provide for an explanation for the world’s mechanics and a meaning of humanity’s placement in the world.Each has produced its own interpretation as to what will occur when our eyes close for the final time. And while none of these beliefs have been universally proven or shared, each has managed to acquire its own followers of believers.

▪ Today, after the Scientific Revolution and the rationality to which it has given birth, many are uncertain as to which “Universal Truth” holds the true set of rules governing the workings of the universe.

▪ Several religions have been denounced, especially the major ones (Christianity, Islam, etc.), for being monopolies on people’s minds and guiding them down a narrow tunnel-vision path. Therefore, with the great variety of voices and the presence of doubt linked to anything spiritual, it is difficult to form any assumption about what lies beyond the borders of life.

An Answer After All ?

▪ There are a series of fascinating occurrences which may finally provide an explanation to the most popular question in human history. This phenomenon revolves around the idea that human beings will live or have lived other lives after dying.

▪ Reincarnation or being incarnated into another body, is central to the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, but is a part of a number of other belief systems as well. Some think that there are references to reincarnation in Christianity, although the majority of Christians do not agree.

▪ But the evidence does not come from religious sources; ordinary people and events
serve as possible examples. Persons gifted with psychic ability are given to visions as well asauditions. While these go into trance experiences, reports are made available as to the dead speaking through the lips of the ones in a trance, claiming to have lived previously in the midst of the loved ones.

▪ Of late, there has been increased interest in the theory of reincarnation; and research too has gone far deeper to establish enough evidence infavor of life after death. Amongst scientific circles, to mention in particular, mind-to-mind communication has not only gained the status of a scientific possibility but common occurrence.

▪ Those who have left this world leave behind a big lot of their desires and longings. In order to gratify those long-cherished things, they return to this world life after life - and this assumption is not a whim or a fantasy but a certainty since soul is imperishable, otherwise the law of creation remains forever a riddle beyond the reach of mankind.

▪ In sum, this approach to the survival of the soul also presumes that those who “die” retain not only their affection, consanguinity as well as their interests in the loved ones and friends still on earth.

A Variety of Evidence in favor of Survival of Soul

▪ Of late, a wide variety of data has been available in favor of survival of human personality. The ‘prima facie’ evidences of survival which psychicalresearch has delved deep are no doubt startling but sound true enough on verification. These occurrences usually take the form of the following.

1. Haunting situations and apparitions of the dead
2. Information emanating directly or indirectly from some person whose physical existence came to an end long ago but the mind or personality still roaming about
3. out-of-body experience
4. Communications as received through mediums and sensitives
5. Electronic Communication through the dead.

Let us consider each one of these aspects for a detailed study, and exploration of the possibilities of survival as follows :

1. Haunting situations and apparitions of the dead

▪ There are certain time-honored beliefs. The spirit of the dead survives after the death of physical existence is one such. People believe in that kindof thing and it has been prevalent through the ages and in all the countries.

▪ How it exists, and in what manner it makes itself known to others can be as varied as movement of articles, such as things fallen off tables, lightbulbs drops from their fixtures, stones fly through window and taps are left running, production of strange noises and unusual sounds at odd times,like meaningless knocking at door at night and so on. Such a thing goes by the name ‘poltergeist’.

▪ There are hundreds and thousands of such stories currently everywhere. As if these are not orally enough, some writers take to the delineation of these characters in the form of devils and uncanny spirits. Perhaps there is some belief thatsuch things exist. People die variously and in divergent circumstances. Some die natural deaths and some die prematurely young or because of the conspiracy of circumstances which sound unexpected and untimely, or unnatural and unbelievable. When persons die on account
of extreme agony or because of torture or violence, it is believed that the spirit of the dead will wreak vengeance upon the evil doer or mischief monger. Here are a few examples to highlight the above statements:

(A) A case of haunting

▪ Once an English army officer happened to fall in love with a Canadian young lady. But he was not serious about any matrimony.

▪ The natural thing took place. This gullible but highly devoted woman was enticed as well as seduced. After sometime she was abandoned.

▪ This cut her soul to bits. All expectations of marriage were shattered and the young army officer quietly disappeared from the scene.

▪ Unfortunately the young lady took the matter so seriously that she died ultimately in despair. Buther spirit would not leave the army officer in peace.

▪ It haunted him wherever he went. Especially, the spirit would constantly knock on the door or onthe windows where he slept. The lights he put on during the nights were soon to be extinguished; once or twice he kept birds in a cage - and to his utter dismay they were discovered to be dead there. All this made his life a real hell on earth.

▪ A dog reared at the room was sure to leave the place sooner or later. It would never return to the room. The spirit of the dead woman haunted him so much that he was finally haunted down by it; and later chose to leave the army once for all.
( Reference : Footfalls on the boundary of another world )

(B) A case of apparition of the dead

▪ Spirits of the dead appear as weird creatures or as phantoms of in the next room, a supernatural world. Arthur Hill furnishes an account offered by Driessen.

▪ After putting out the candle, he heard the footsteps This caused him bewilderment. To make sure he struck a match and much to his consternation saw his father-in-law, who had died about, nine days ago, in the form of a phantom. Evidently both the father-in-law and the son-in-law were not on good terms for long and that was how the spirit had paid a visit to ask for excuse from his son-in-law.

▪ However, the son-in-law mustered enough courage to utter these words: “Who do you want here ?” To which the phantom promptly replied, “I have acted wrongly against you. Forgive me. I do not feel at ease without your forgiveness.” Sayingthese words the spirit pointed towards the ceiling with his left hand.

▪ Then Driessen answered calm of mind and slowly, “God is my witness that I have never had anything against you.” Then the figure of phantom bowed and vanished!
(Reference: Accounts from Physical Research).

(C) Raps and Displacement of objects

▪ The Society for Psychical Research records several instances of the spirits. Barrett declares that he has seen how the table lifted itself off the ground repeatedly. Sir W. Crookes describes in his book “Spiritualism” how he witnessed on five different occasions that a dining table rose above the ground about a foot and a half where trickery was well-nigh impossible.

▪ It is said that some mediums are capable of producing sounds (raps) at their will and pleasure. A good deal of psychical research has testifiedto this possibility. A report says that a boy of 15 was sent to Durville for examination when violent knockings suggested clearly a code language - one rap for ‘yes’ two for ‘no’.
Note: Interested readers will find many cases of apparition and spirit communication in the following works, namely:

1) Human personality and its survival of bodily death by F.W.H. Myers,
2) The personality of Man by G.N.M. Tyrrell.
3) Science and future life by James H.Hyslop
4) Life-beyond, monthly journal published by H.L. Hingorani Pune, India

2. Information emanating directly or indirectly from some person whose physical existence came to an end long ago but the mind or personality still roaming about

▪ Let us here pay attention to True Ghost Stories as found in Cheiro: It is about the Gem in the Crown of Prussia.

▪ This gem had reached thereafter a French soldier had stolen it from the golden statue of Buddha in a monastery in Ceylon. An aged priest who had been the custodian of this gem for several years cursed the one who stole it. Suddenly he was killed by the soldier.

▪ However, the spell of the curse worked for centuries. Wherever the gem went, it brought about nothing but destruction. During the course of time, this Gem reached Dinnur, the Sultan of Turkey. But tragically enough, his wife killed him for it; and then the Gem went to the next Caliph. And when this Caliph was defeated in a battle, ittraversed across the continent, reached Tibet, created all pandemonium there and came down to India causing havoc, besides multiplyingmany blood feuds.

▪ Later on, it happened to reach Amsterdam whereit was sold to a Jew. When this came to the knowledge of Frederick the. Great, he hanged the Jew; but the possession of the Gem meant only doom to Frederick.

▪ There is yet another equally ominous incident of a Mummy of Egypt, which carried with it an interminable curse, the occurrence of which runs as follows: Once Douglas Murray happened to visit Egypt.

▪ There he was fascinated by the Mummy. He could not resist the temptation of taking it with him in spite of the vehement warnings by his dear friends.

▪ But soon after this episode, the possessor was met with an accident when he lost his right hand - actually it was an explosion of a gun. Further as he was travelling back home, he lost two trunks which contained many invaluable things. Now in turn a woman of some known literary standing was rather curious to possess the Mummy.

▪ As she did so, and returned home she found to her great horror that her mother had fallen off the staircase and died on the spot. Further she was gifted by her lover, which act of betrayal cut her to the quick. Then her dear pet dog turned mad. As if to heighten the calamity, she lay in bed seriously ill. Now she was very much terrorized by the omen as to what the Mummy contained in the chain of events, and therefore hastened to return the Mummy to the person from whom she had received. Of course, the previous owner carefully transferred the Mummy To the British Museum in London. At the Museum, an artist attracted bythe beauty of the Mummy, attempted to draw the sketches four times.

▪ Every time, it may sound mysterious, he was met with an accident. This was too much even for the authorities; and that was how this Mummywas put in the cellar, ever permanently shelved there. Some of these incidents may appear to be weird and incredible. But invisible forces, in the face of facts, they cannot be dismissed as false. All this has happened because of the mysteriousgenerated from human beings, which would work for a long time.

3. Out Of Body experiences– (OBEs)

▪ Are out-of-body experiences true or are they simply a trick of the mind? Throughout all cultures individuals have experienced the strangeness of the OBE.

▪ These are so widespread, science has taken an interest in the topic and has done some studies on it. Is there any proof the out-of-body experience is an objective reality? That consciousness can actually exist outside the physical body? The many out-of-body stories contain powerful evidence, except these stories are not subject to the scientific method and thus can’t be replicated
through experimentation.

▪ Out‐of‐body experiences project themselves in vivid forms to those involved in religious and spiritual way of living, as also those given to deep meditation,induced, or at-will OBEs.

▪ Actually it is a case of detachment of the mind from the body and the person undergoes undreamt of things, as though standing and witnessing the whole phenomenon as a spectator at a distance. The person no doubt notices that he still has a body but one made of a different mould from the physical body he has left behind.

▪ However, these out-of-the-body experiences vary considerably in quality and dimension depending upon the nature of the religious and spiritual development.

▪ An example of such a story told by his son
An example of such a story was my father’s own out-of-body experience he had as a child. In 1943 my father was 12 years old.

His family was living in Europe during World War II. During these difficult times my grandfather’sfamily, as war refugees, ended up moving to a small village. Soon after they moved to this village my father got ill with the mumps and came down with a high fever. During his high fever he lost consciousness for hours.

▪ Worried about their son, my grandparents called a doctor from another village for help. During his unconsciousness, my young father had an out-of-body experience.

▪  He recalls hovering over his body. He saw his parents and a doctor he never saw before. They were putting wet towels on him trying to lower hisfever. He said he watched from overhead without any real thought to what was happening; he was just an observer.

▪ Next, his awareness rose much higher. Suddenly he was high above the village. He was looking down as if he had an aerial view of the town. He saw the entire village, all the streets and houses in detail. What was odd was this happened at night, and the village did not have streetlights. I asked dad how did he see anything if it was dark. Dad said that was very peculiar.

▪ He saw everything even in the dark. This is an interesting detail. What does that say about the OBE?The participant does not view with world with the physical senses.

▪ The disembodied consciousness can seemingly see in the dark, so perhaps it is viewing eventswith some “astral sight”. It does not need light striking the optic nerves.

▪ How long did this OBE last? Dad said he did not know. He recalls awakening and was back in his body, but barely able to think straight. He drifted in and out of consciousness, but by the morning his fever broke. Later the child began to recall the experience, and wondered about it.

▪ As a child my dad liked to draw pictures. The child decided to draw a map of the town from
what he remembered of his aerial view. My young father never saw a map of this small village, and no maps seemed to have existed.

▪ These old villages did not have straight, logical streets but curving streets and confusing ways. Being curious about his experience, my young father decided to follow his hand drawn map and see if it was accurate or not. To his amazement, he discovered his map was! He found places on his map that he was did not know about but saw from “above”. What he was able to recall from his overhead view of the village was real. He really wondered about this, but World War II was going on and soon they were on the move again.

▪ A child had the curiosity to document what he saw during an out-of-body experience, and discovered it was accurate. This suggests that the out-of-body experience is literally true.

▪ Thousands of such out- of- body experiences arereported throughout the world. it for real.

▪ Perhaps science will one day be able to recreate the actual event and study If one day we have evidence of the reality of the OBE, it will change what we understand about the universe and its laws of nature.

4. Communications as received through mediums and sensitives

▪ Modern spiritualism seems to be an interesting branch of investigation, which in turn has opened up quite a few possibilities for those who are inspired, earnest and methodical wherein theycould communicate with departed friends and relatives.

▪  Even skeptics and agnostics are now seriously rethinking about this phenomenon and have greatly wondered how there seems to be some truth in all this types of discovery, especially the truth about after life through the genuine communications of the disembodied spirits. Now the matter has been begun to be understood rather differently in that they have learnt that the death of the body is not the end.

▪ On the contrary, it is the threshold of that wonderland where the spirits of dead continue to exist and enjoy new experiences. Spiritualists vouch for the fact that modern spiritualism provides the window to the world of the dead friends and relatives who are ever anxious tocommunicate with the living that they are comfortable after death and are ready to help the living ones on the right path as also protect them from perils and dangers, mishaps and misfortunes.

▪ What the spiritualists try to say is that the communication is possible with the dead by theprocess of developing mediumistic conditions.Impressions from the supra - mundane world are passed on partially to the living ones, is one notable belief of the spiritualists, or it could be messages too in a strange fashion lying outside the realm of normal understanding.

▪ Perhaps it is during this conscious impressionable medium ship that one could speak or write about things which seem to be Research on Reincarnation and Survival of Soul extraordinary.

▪ Persons who come under this category are called inspirational speakers and writers. Sometimes there are some persons who establish medium ship without being at any time ever conscious of it.

▪ There is still another category wherein the spiritualists become partially unconscious of their existence and surroundings at the time of their speech or writing. Partial control of the muscles and the nerve center’s lead to a variety of medium ship:

They are,
1. planchette writing
2. ouija Board
3. clairvoyance
4. Clairaudience
5. automatic writing - typical examples of some of the different phenomena of muscular and neurotic medium ship.

▪ Persons possessing ‘Medium’ powers employ a type of experiment, touching with their fingers a small cup put on a wooden board; and theboard is designed so as to cover the letters of the English Alphabet from A to Z.

▪ The cup moves supplying answers to many of the questions asked. Anyone touching the cup will be bewildered about the nature of the movement of the cup. All replies depend largely on ‘experiences’. For example, a dead child speaks as if it were a dead child. Or when a dead person speaks he could be one’s great grandfather, the voice stems as though coming out of a deep cavern, steady and slow, ripe and remote. In this method - a question is asked to a dead relatives or a dead friend.

▪ Before calling the name of that person along with other details about place, must also be furnished If the spirit is around there communication is established.

▪ For instance, spirits have prayer time, moments of rest and relaxation and so on. At such intervals they desire not to be disturbed.

▪ That is why the cup stops suddenly and could not get the signal clearly. When summoned they could communicate with the living ones. It is the spirit that controls the muscles of the arms. The optic nerves and the retina are controlled so that the images as presented by the spirits reach the consciousness.

▪ So is the case of audition when auditory nerves are controlled by the spirit. Then mediums can hear all such sounds. that their ‘controllers’ desire them to hear. Similarly, partial control can be made over the sensory organs. Strangely.while some are conscious, others take place quite unconsciously.
( Reference : “Life beyond Death" by Swami Abhedananda, Ramakrishna Vedanta Math Calcutta 1971 )

▪ Swami Abhedananda cites a number of instances to substantiate this point of view. Of all of them Edgar Cayce has been considered to be one of best sensitive. Here is a case of communication received through dreams and a medium by Alexandrina Samona.

▪ Alexandrine Samona, a five-year old daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Carmelo Samona of Palermo Sicily died of meningitis on March 15, 1960.

▪ This caused great grief to the parents. Just after three days, Mrs. Samona had a dream wherein the dead child appeared assuring her with a gesture that she would be reborn again in the family: “Mother, do not cry any more.

▪ I have not left you for good. I shall come again.” The same dream recurred after three days in séances through a medium to the communicators.

▪ They announced the forthcoming birth of twins. Strangely though, in about a year she gave birth to twin-girls and one of the babies bore an extraordinary resemblance to Alexandrina, the dead child.

▪  There was such a striking resemblance, likes and dislikes, as the child started growing
up. They named her Alexandrine II. Some of the features or virtues common to both of them both, physical and functional could be listed here.

(a) Similarities of physical appearance and size
(b) left- handedness
(c) Slight facial asymmetry
(d) Hyperemia of the left eye
(e) Slight seborrhea of the right ear
(f) Indifference to toys and dolls
(g) Meticulous tidiness of hands and legs
(h) Resentment to cheese and not touching soup if it has the least taste
of cheese

(i) Pulling out the stockings from the drawers in the bedroom and to play, and so on There was such perfect identification between the dead Alexandrine I and the newborn Alexandrine II. All this was not a chance coincidence!

▪ Every bit of it tallied so perfectly well that it was impossible to discredit any aspect. It was not a question of verification of certain details but thestriking parallel that went along with them for such an identification.

▪ There are certain other points of reference that deserve to be highlighted. For example both Alexandrines shared a few characteristic
traits of behavior, as could be listed here:

(a) Both of them enjoyed altering people’s names for sheer playfulness and fun.

(b) When Alexandrine II was eight, her parents asked her to go with them to Monreale.

▪ On seeing this she declared that she had seen it earlier. (In fact, that was the first visit that the parents had planned after her birth.) She
declared with such confidence that she had already seen that place.

▪ Vividly she recalled a great Church with a huge statue of a man whose arms were thrown open. Above all she remembered how there was a ladywho had horns, besides some priests being present there, wearing blue robes, with red ornamentation. The episode had taken place long ago when Alexandrine I was alive.

▪  At that time they were accompanied by a lady
suffering from disfiguring excrescences (a lady with horns ) and they had come across the priests with the said ornamentation.
(Reference: G. Delanne, Documents pour Servir a I Etude de la Réincarnation Editions de la B.P.S. paris 1924 )

Psychophysiological Studies of Altered States of Consciousness and Psi The term "psi" as used here denotes various kinds of anomalous interactions, not presently explainable in conventional scientific terms, between human individuals and their environments.

▪ Our ongoing research in this area emphasizes the intensive study of individuals who have been carefully selected for possession of various extra-ordinary psychological skills, including in particular advanced meditators, those who can voluntarily control their Out-of- Body experiences, trance mediums, and gifted psi subjects who demonstrate such phenomena as accurate remote viewing and the ability to voluntarily effect observable changes in the physical environment via mental processes.

▪ Under the direction of Dr. Edward Kelly (psychologist and neuroscientist) and Dr. Ross Dunseath (electrical engineer), DOPS has established a state-of- the-art EEG research facility.

▪ This facility, known as The Ray Westphal
Neuroimaging Laboratory, includes an electromagnetically and acoustically shielded chamber, a high-quality commercial EEG data-acquisition system, and extensive software resources for analysis and modeling of multichannel physiological data.

▪ These new resources available to DOPS will enable us to resume, at higher intensity, a multifaceted program of research on ASCs and psithat was originally conceived and partially implemented through the Department of Electrical Engineering at Duke University in North Carolina.

5. Electronic communication through the dead

▪ What follows here may sound not only fantastic but weird, incredibly hard to give any credence to it. But it will be unwise to dismiss a possibility in the face of factual situations. Naturally those Who are acquainted with things of this frequency just say, “why don’t you see and hear?” These are not concocted reports but faithfully recorded cassettes to put facts on a sound footing so that the sceptical ones might as well examine whether such a phenomenon could exist. Then what is this all about ?

▪ Mr. George W. Meek, President and Director of Research, Metascience Foundation Inc. Franklin, USA has conducted a few experiments to carry out this idea into action.

▪ He has shown how communication with the dead is possible by employing certain electronic devices. An equipment has been developed to achieve this by “Electromagnetic-etheric system approach to communicate with other levels of human consciousness ”.

▪ A highly sophisticated gadget of high frequency was used for the purpose through which Mr. William 0’ Neill was able to carry on conversation on quite a few occasions with Dr. G. J. Mueller, an eminent physicist of Cornell University.

▪ Although this physicist had been dead 15 years ago, this instrument could record his instructionsto the fellow scientists as he might offer them as on that day. What is remarkable is the suggestion made about the mechanism of perfecting the gadget ! Mr. George W. Meek has preserved all this material recorded conducted under controlled laboratory conditions.
(Reference: Mr. George. W Meek, “After we die, what then?” Met science Foundation Inc, U.S.A.)

Dr. Imants Barušs at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, has conducted two studies attempting to verify reports that deceased persons have communicated to the living through electronic devices.

▪ In the first study, he was able to reproduce this phenomenon in a weak sense, he said, but not a strong one. This study was published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration in 2001 and detailed in the Epoch Times article “Fascinating Study of Purported ‘Phone Calls From the Dead’ Phenomena: Some Confirmation.” He and his team recorded the static between radio stations under controlled circumstances and while talking to any spirits that may be around; they heard what could be construed as some words or phrases in the recordings. His results hinted that the so-called “electronic voice phenomenon” (EVP) may exist, but the results were not sufficiently anomalous to be considered a replication in a strong sense.

▪ His second study, published in 2007, attempted to address some weaknesses of the first. Instead of using the static between stations, which was more open to interpretation by the listener, he used computer programs that would randomly generate letters and whole words to see if anomalous phrases would appear.

▪ If the researchers saw a pattern or bias that deviated too far from what could be expected to appear by chance, it could indicate that a spirit was influencing the machine to convey a message.

▪ He simultaneously used an EVPmaker, a device that chops sound files and reassembles them randomly. The idea was to see if there was any overlap between the random word generator and the EVPmaker that could make a stronger case for spirits trying to communicate a particular message.

▪ The results were mixed, with at least one significant string of words appearing, but not a wealth of anomalous signals. The most significant result was found in the use of another computer program, one that randomly generated either the word “yes” or the word “no.” The researchers asked 11 verifiable yes-no questions, nine of which were answered correctly by the random generator.

▪ The two questions it answered incorrectly were slightly open to interpretation. It answered incorrectly the question, “Do we live in London?” It said “no,” when the team did live in London, Ontario, Canada.  Barušs noted, however, that the question could be misconstrued to refer to the more famous London, England. It was also asked whether one of the research assistants had five “kids.” It answered “yes.” In fact, the assistant had three children and two dogs. Barušs noted that, if a being were influencing the random yes/no generator, it may have considered the dogs somehow among the “kids.”

▪ Either way, the result of 9 correct answers out of 11 questions was considered by Barušs to be a “statistically rare event.” The program had a 4.2 percent chance of obtaining this result.

▪ ITC (instrumental transcommunication) refers to the random yes/no response generator. It may be noted that the provincial election referred to in the questions was expected to be called on the Wednesday mentioned, but it was actually called on the preceding Tuesday, so the ITC was correct in answering “no.”

▪ Much of the recording and the output by the random generators did not otherwise show a strong indication that spirits may have been trying to communicate. Barušs did, however, highlight a few other events of interest.

▪ A woman who is considered to be a medium was used in the experiment. The idea was that she might be able to detect any spirits trying to communicate through the devices, and she might thus give the researchers advice on how to tweak the experiments for success.

▪ During one of the sessions, the researchers posed the question, “What do we need to know that we don’t understand about this?” The medium immediately heard the EVPmaker produce the word “opportunity.” The random word generator had been activated at the exact same time and produced the phrase “on sharp opportunity are was yes name.” Barušs and another research assistant present did not hear the word “opportunity” immediately, but they did hear it upon playing back the tape.

▪ During another session, the researchers posed the question, “What would you have us do to make this work better?” The answer produced by the random phrase generator was “We ITC dimension fortunate when irreparable continue.” Baruss and the team wondered whether the word “continue” indicated that they should continue. They activated the word generator again, producing the phrase, “Feel acquire light figure logical people continue.” The word “continue” was repeated.

▪ The random letter generator did not produce any results Barušs felt worth highlighting.

▪ The medium said she understood it to be an arduous feat for the dead to impact electronic devices and that few would make the attempt. She said she received some messages from deceased researchers, including Barušs’s late colleague who “discoursed about quantum theoretic mind/matter interactions in what appeared to be much the same style as when he had been alive,” Barušs wrote. Barušs and the medium tried meditating before the tests, as suggested by a spirit via the medium.

▪ “As we experimented with such speculative strategies, the medium and I felt that we entered a zone of uncertainty that was contrary to the clarity required of scientific research,” Barušs wrote. “However, we thought that such uncertainty may be necessary, at least for a while, if these phenomena were to be given a chance to develop so as to be able to manifest in a measurable form.”

▪ He continued: “For instance, during the eleventh session, we decided not to test the yes/no generator since that would take us outside the realm of ambiguity. It was not until the 25th and last session that we deliberately evaluated the output from the yes/no generator with a series of questions to which we could know the answers.”

▪ This is why they had not conducted more of the solid yes/no verifiable line of questioning that produced the strongest results.

▪ Barušs also noted that the computer programs may have been insufficiently random in their word generation. This may have inhibited any beings trying to influence the programs. Another possibility that must be considered, he said, is that the minds of the researchers may have influenced the devices. Testing at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab (PEAR) at Princeton University has shown the mind may physically affect electronic devices.
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