CHAPTER NO:- 10 》PART:- 12 》Reincarnation and Suicide - What will happen to the person who Commits suicide, What will they suffer in their next life, Answering through critical Analysis of Reincarnation Case Studies

What is Suicide?
Suicide is the act of intentional killing of one's own life triggered by severe Depression.
▪ Positively destroying his own life, as by inflicting on himself a mortal wound or injury.

Omitting to do what is necessary to escape death, as in avoiding the obligation incumbent on man to preserve his life.

According to Our Research on Reincarnation Case Studies We have came with the Following Conclusions.

▪ Those who have committed suicide reincarnate into a broken body-mind in their next life depending upon how they left their last one.

Post suicide reincarnations prove the ultimate connection between    cause and effect. The birth defects inherited by the returning suicide match the suicide method used... precisely.
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Reincarnation case Studies of Suicide

Ian Stevenson, MD, of the University of Virginia, & Associates Past Life Stories involving Suicide

1. The Suicide of Helmut Kohler and his Rebirth as Ruprecht Schultz-Must Read

Helmut Kohler's Successful Business as a Timber Merchant & Broker

▪ Helmut Kohler was born on January 7, 1834, to a Christian family in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, a seaport on the North Sea. He married and had several children, including a son named Ludwig, who was born in 1873.
▪ Helmut was a timber merchant, ship-broker and sawmill operator in his home town of Wilhelmshaven. He purchased timber from various countries, including Norway, Sweden, Russia and America, which was transported by ship. He processed the timber in his sawmill and sold it as lumber.

Helmet Speculates on Timber, Loses his Fortune & Commits Suicide
▪ In 1887, Helmut anticipated that the price of imported lumber would go up due to a proposed tax and he paid a premium price on a large amount of timber from overseas.  The tax was never enacted and the price of timber actually fell.  This miscalculation resulted in the loss of a great deal of money.
▪ In an effort to survive financially, he enlisted his accountant in a scheme to falsify the company’s financial records. Unfortunately, the accountant panicked and fled with all the company’s cash.
Helmut was devastated by his financial losses. On November 16, 1887, after attending a celebration for the festival day called the Day of Repentance and Prayer, Helmut went back to his office. He put a revolver to his temple and shot himself in the head. He died on November 23, 1887.
Helmut Reincarnates as Ruprecht Schultz with Suicide Behavior
▪ Ruprecht Schultz was born on October 19, 1887 [If you have doubt that how come Ruprecht Schultz can be Reincarnation of Helmut even before Helmut died then please read CHAPTER NO 10 PART 16  REGARDING SPLIT INCARNATION], in Berlin, Germany to Christian parents, five weeks before Helmut Kohler died. As such, if this reincarnation case is accepted, it represents a case of split incarnation, where a soul can inhabit more than one human body at a time. Consider that Ruprecht was in the womb for 8 months while Helmut was still alive.
▪ As a child, whenever Ruprecht became depressed, he would shape his hand into a gun, with the index finger representing the barrel of the gun. He would put his index finger to his temple and say, “I shoot myself.” (1)
▪ Ruprecht pretended to shoot himself in the temple so often that his mother became concerned and ordered him to stop this behavior.
▪ As a child, Ruprecht was fascinated with revolvers. In addition, he also had a great interest in ships and shipping. He built a collection of model ships and pictures of ships. Ian Stevenson noted this was unusual for a boy who was born and raised in Berlin, which is an inland city without a port.
Past Life Ability: Ruprecht Demonstrates Innate Talent for Business
▪ As he grew up, Ruprecht had little interest in education; rather, he was driven to start a business. He left school at 18 years of age and started a laundry business with a delivery service, which became very popular with young mothers, whose babies created a great deal of dirty laundry. By the age of 20, he had more than twenty employees and his company would grow to employee 200 people.
▪ Ruprecht became rich and enjoyed participating in community affairs. He becamE Stevenson Suicide & Reincarnation Case, Walter Semkiw Article a member of his local Chamber of Commerce and a representative in the Berlin municipal council.
Reincarnation & Deja Vu in a Dark Hallway
▪ World War II began in 1939, when Ruprecht was 51 years old. The war would significantly affect Ruprecht’s life and financial holdings. It was during Allied bombings of Berlin that past life memories began to surface.
▪ Ruprecht was assigned duty watch by city authorities to observe for fires that could arise from the bombings. Ruprecht took a regular shift from Reincarnation Suicide Past Life Story of Ruprecht Schultz, Walter Semkiw Article Saturday evening to Monday morning, during which he would stay at his business office to get work done during quiet hours. His office was in an old building that was designated as a historical landmark. He had a safe located in a dimly lit hallway. Ruprecht would to go the safe, get his account books and reflect on how the business was going.
▪ Whenever Ruprecht went to the safe to get the account books, he would have the repetitive thought: “You were in this situation once before.” (2).

Past Life Memory: While Fully Awake, Ruprecht Sees Himself Commit Suicide on a Ceremonial Day
▪ While reviewing his account books and while fully awake, Ruprecht would see himself in a past lifetime. In a tape recorded statement, Ruprecht explained:
▪ “I could see how I looked then. I was wearing a high collar and formal clothing. I had come from a ceremony on a special day. My business was finished.
▪ An employee had run off with the money—embezzled it and absconded. So I sat down with the account books and could see that there was no future. It was all over. Then I was in a room by myself and put a bullet into my head at the right temple.
▪ You would call these images clairvoyance, but for me, they are memories.” (3)Suicide & Reincarnation, Ian Stevenson Reincarnation Research, Walter Semkiw Article
▪ In another statement, Ruprecht noted how similar the settings were in the past lifetime and his current incarnation during World War II, when the memories emerged:
▪ “The setting of the previous time was similar to the one I was in then. The safe was in a similar location and the account books were also similar.” (4) Ian Stevenson noted that Ruprecht’s memories were vague at first, but over time, they became clearer and clearer. The memories only occurred when Ruprecht was fully awake and they only occurred when he was in his office during his watch duty.
▪ The office setting in Berlin replicated the office setting in his previous lifetime. This similarity appears to have triggered his past life memories.
Past Life Memories: Ruprecht Remembers a Lifetime Involving Shipping & Lumbar in Wilhelmshaven
▪ In a written statement, Ruprecht elaborated on his memories: “Since my earliest years, I have had a distinct impression, with various details that I was in a previous life somehow connected with shipbuilding or shipping and that I shot myself.
▪ I was in the prime of life. For the place of this life I knew that it occurred in an old small or middle sized seaport; and is seemed to me later and more clearly that this seaport was Wilhelmshaven.
Further, the man I was seemed to be in an ancient house.
▪ In this there was a small room with a chest or kind of safe or filing cabinet in which important papers, account books and probably also some cash were kept. The person I was wore dark clothes of the style of that period, as if he had come from some important session or unusually important event. As for the date of these events—the suicide of the person I was—it has seemed to me that it would have been around 1885.” (5)
▪ Ruprecht also recalled that in this past lifetime, he was involved in a business dealing with wood. Ruprecht started to keep a diary, writing down memories as they surfaced. He was not able to verify his memories until after World War II had ended.
Validation of Ruprecht’s Past Life Memories
▪ Ruprecht remembered that his past lifetime was spent in a small seaport town in Northern Germany. He felt that Wilhelmshaven was the correct place, but he also considered several other towns in Germany on the North Sea.
▪ Ruprecht wrote to municipal authorities of Wilhelmshaven and nine other seaside towns, inquiring whether they knew of a businessman who was involved with shipping of timber, the lumber business and who had shot himself and died in the 1880’s.
▪ Of the ten cities he wrote to, all responded indicating that they knew of no such man, except for Wilhelmshaven. An official from Wilhelmshaven wrote to Ruprecht and stated that a man from that town did fit the description. The man was a ship broker and timber merchant, who had committed suicide.
▪ In the first letter from Wilhelmshaven, the official wrote that the family name of timber merchant was “Kohl.” Ruprecht knew that this name was slightly off. In a second letter from the official, the family name was corrected to “Kohler” and Ruprecht was provided with the address of the man’s surviving son, Ludwig Kohler. (6)
Relationship Renewed through Reincarnation Ruprecht Gets a Letter from his Past Life Son, Who Confirms Helmut's Past Life Memories
▪ On September 17, 1952, Ruprecht wrote to Ludwig Kohler who responded and confirmed that Ruprecht’s past life memories corresponded closely to the life of his father, Helmut Kohler.
▪ Ludwig, in a letter to Ruprecht, gave the following testimony:
▪ “My father, Helmut Kohler, had a substantial business in Wilhelmshaven that included trading in timber and also a sawmill. Our residence was in 25 Friedrichstrasse, and right next to it was a one-story building that was used for the offices. This building faced north, and it had only small windows, so that it was always dark in there. In a corner of one of the rooms there was a somewhat antiquated safe, which you have mentioned. In it money, account books, and also a cash box and important papers were kept. My father ordinarily wore dark clothing, and whenever he went out he wore a top hat on his head.
▪ He imported wood by ship from Danzig, Konigsberg, and Mermel, but in particularly from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and America. In 1888 he mistakenly believed that a customs duty would increase, and he purchased from abroad an unusually large amount of timber. Unfortunately, this was a faulty speculation, because the price of timber fell and much more than the customs duty rose.
▪ He then had difficulty in paying the invoices.
In order to get through the crisis he had arranged for his accountant, who had been his ‘right hand’ and enjoyed his complete trust, to falsify the records of their foreign exchange transactions. The two of them thought that they would extricate themselves when the exchange rate fell. This did not happen. The accountant became afraid that he would be arrested, and he fled to America taking with him a substantial amount of the company’s available funds.
▪ My father now got into a complete panic and shot himself on the Day of Prayer and Repentance. The company had to declare bankruptcy, although this was in fact unnecessary. Even though the buildings, the sawmill, and the lumber on hand were all sold in a forced auction, all the creditors were paid off.” (7)
Relationships Renewed through Reincarnation : Ruprecht Meets Ludwig and Recognizes Other Past Life Sons in Photographs
▪ In October 1956, Ruprecht traveled to Wilhelmshaven for the first time, where he met Ludwig Kohler. Wilhelmshaven is 370 kilometer or 230 miles from Berlin. As noted, Ruprecht had never been to Wilhelmshaven before. Ludwig was 12 years old when his father, Helmut, committed suicide. Now, as an adult, Ludwig would meet the proposed reincarnation of his father.
▪ Ruprecht said that he recognized certain buildings, such as the Town Hall, in Wilhelmshaven. He stated that when Ludwig showed him photos of the Kohler children, who were pictured among a large group of schoolchildren, he was able to recognize Helmut’s other sons from the crowd, though he was not able to recognize his past life daughters.
Ian Stevenson, MD on the Strength of the Helmut Koehler | Ruprecht Schultz Reincarnation Case
▪ In sum, Ruprecht was able to validate his past life memories by contacting his past life son, Ludwig Kohler. Ian Stevenson considered the case of Helmut Koehler | Ruprecht Schultz as one of the strongest reincarnation cases he had studied.
▪ Stevenson was particularly impressed with Ruprecht’s validated memories involving a past life involving a shipping and timber business in the remote town of Wilhelmshaven, which ended in suicide. Stevenson felt this combination of memories was far too unusual to occur by chance or coincidence.
The Karma of Suicide
▪ Is there a penalty for committing suicide? In the section entitled Soul Evolution, the karma of suicide will be discussed in more depth. In sum, the proposed consequence of suicide is that one will have to reincarnate and face the same type of situation that led to the suicide. In other words, one cannot escape a difficult situation through suicide, for one will have to face the same situation in a future lifetime.
Past Life Karma: Ruprecht Loses his Fortune, Replicating the Circumstances of Helmut's Suicide
▪ The case of Helmut Koehler | Ruprecht Schultz provides a dramatic example of this principle.  Reflect that Helmut became wealthy in dealing with timber imports and the processing of lumber. When his financial situation took a downturn and he faced bankruptcy, he committed suicide to escape the consequences of his loss of fortune.
Helmut then reincarnated as Ruprecht Schultz, who as a youth demonstrated natural skill as an entrepreneur.
▪ As such, Ruprecht appears to have retained business talent from his past lifetime as Helmut. Ruprecht, like Helmut, became very wealthy. He also became involved in civic duties. Helmet appears to have been an city official who dressed in formal attire for the Day of Repentance and Prayer. Ruprecht became a member of his local Chamber of Commerce and a representative to the Berlin municipal council. Life patterns are observed to repeat.
▪ Like Helmut, Ruprecht also lost all his wealth, though for Ruprecht, it was not due to bad business decisions. Quite the opposite, Ruprecht noted that in his contemporary lifetime, he had been a very conservative investor who avoided risk, which he attributed to the losses incurred in his lifetime as Helmut. Instead, the cause of Ruprecht’s lost fortune was the destruction of Berlin during World War II. The division of Berlin into East and West sides after the war caused him further financial loss
▪ Ruprecht retired from business when he was 68 years old and moved with his wife from Berlin to Frankfurt, where he died at the age of 80 in 1967.
If Evidence Indicates Reincarnation is Real, is Suicide a Viable Option?
▪ Though everyone has to make their own decisions, it is recommended that suicide not be considered an option for those in difficult circumstances for several reasons:
1. First of all, one never knows when life circumstances will change. Recall that Ludwig, Helmut’s son, noted that his father’s suicide was unnecessary, as when Helmut’s business assets were sold in the forced auction, all creditors were paid. Helmut, it appears, underestimated the worth of his assets. Helmut could have lived out his life and enjoyed seeing his children grow, though his lifestyle would have been less luxurious.
In my medical career, I have witnessed several cases in which people were acutely suicidal due to adverse life events. Within a few years, though, their situations had changed considerably and they found themselves living very happy lives. Anyone with suicidal thoughts should seek psychiatric help. Psychotherapy and antidepressant medication can be very effective and help people make it through periods of depression.
2. Suicide is not an escape, as one will need to return to deal with the same situation, as demonstrated in the reincarnation case of Helmut Koehler | Ruprecht Schultz. Suicide does not lead to eternal damnation, as some religions teach. Rather, suicide will make the soul face the same lesson so that a more adaptive and positive decisions can be made.
3. Suicide causes emotional trauma to loved ones who are left behind.  In addition to experiencing grief due to the loss of their loved one, other emotions that can be felt are guilt and confusion, as the surviving loved ones wonder if they could have done more to prevent the suicide.  There are karmic consequences to causing emotional pain to others.  Pain caused in others may need to be experienced by the suicide victim in a future incarnation.

2. Oma Deva, a Hindu, Commits Suicide & Reincarnates as a Sunni Muslim.

Reincarnation & Suicide: Oma Devi committed suicide but reincarnated a little over 3 years after her death, demonstrating that suicide does not end the evolution of the soul.  
▪ Oma Devi likely generated karma from the pain she caused others, which she may have to experience herself in the course of time.  Also, Nagina may face similar circumstances as Oma Devi did, but she will need to react in more productive ways.

3. Mithilesh Commits Suicide & Reincarnates with Past Life Birthmarks and Similar Physical Appearance

▪ Reincarnation and Suicide: Mithilesh committed suicide, but reincarnated into the same family, indicating that suicide does not end the progression of the soul.  It is likely that Mithilesh incurred karma from the grief she caused others due to her suicide, which will need to be worked out in subsequent incarnations.  In addition, Rajani will need to face similar situations as Mithilesh did, but hopefully Rajani will not act out in the same way

4. Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Case of Will Rogers | Robin Williams

Robin Williams as the Reincarnation of Will Rogers Robin Williams Reincarnation What Dreams May Come
▪ Robin Williams committed suicide during the evening of Sunday, August 10 or the early morning of Monday, August 11, 20 14. A few days after this tragic event, and The Cosmo Conscious supporter sent me a message with the hypothesis that in the past lifetime, Robin Williams was the great American humorist and movie star, Will Rogers.  Will Rogers was one of the most famous celebrities of the 1920s and 1930s.
▪ In looking at images of the Rogers, I was very impressed by the physical resemblance between the two. In fact, one can almost see Robin Williams in the eyes and smile of Will Rogers. Also, in reading some of Will Rogers’ most famous quotations, one can almost hear Robin Williams saying the same things. Place your cursor over images to enlarge and use arrow keys to scroll up and down on the image.
▪ In a session with Kevin Ryerson which took place on August 16, 2014, Ahtun Re, the spirit guide channeled through Kevin who has demonstrated the ability to make accurate past life matches, affirmed that Robin Williams is the reincarnation of Will Rogers. To review reincarnation cases derived through Kevin and Ahtun Re, go to: Ryerson-Semkiw Reincarnation Research
Robin Williams’ Interest in Reincarnation Research & What Dreams May Come
Robin Williams Reincarnation Movie, Suicide & Past Life, Walter Semkiw Article I happen to know that Robin Williams was very interested in reincarnation. The way this knowledge came about is that I met an individual in August 2013 who had created one of the early Internet E-mail providers, such as Hotmail or Yahoo.  His company was then purchased by a venture capital group, which allowed this hi tech entrepreneur to retire at an early age.
▪ Hoping that this person may be interested in financially supporting translation of key reincarnation cases on the The Cosmo Conscious website into other languages, I showed him the The Cosmo Conscious website.
▪ I explained that independently researched reincarnation cases, including cases studied by Ian Stevenson, MD at the University of Virginia, demonstrate that individuals can change religion, nationality and ethnic affiliation from one incarnation to another.  I pointed out that understanding of this observation can help create a more peaceful world, as most conflicts are based on differences in these cultural markers of identity.
▪ I then showed this hi tech entrepreneur the Evidence of Reincarnation video, which I had put up on Youtube on May 21, 2013. This video centers on the reincarnation research of Dr. Ian Stevenson at the University of Virginia. Over a period of 40 years, Dr. Stevenson studied young children who had spontaneous memories of past lifetimes.
▪ In approximately 1200 Stevenson cases, the children's past life memories could be objectively validated. In my opinion these cases, in aggregate, provide proof of reincarnation.
▪ After watching the Evidence of Reincarnation video, which has now surpassed 2 million views, the hi tech entrepreneur became quite excited and stated that a person who he lives next to is very interested in reincarnation research and has spoken of Ian Stevenson.
▪ Robin Williams Suicide, Sea Cliff & Past Life, Walter Semkiw Article The hi tech entrepreneur explained that he lives in the Sea Cliff neighborhood of San Francisco and that once a month, he and this neighbor would get together, smokes cigars and discuss life. The hi tech entrepreneur said that he would tell his friend about the work that I was doing in reincarnation research and he stated that he was sure that his neighbor would contact me due to our mutual interest in reincarnation research.
▪ I asked the hi tech entrepreneur who his neighbor is and he replied, “Robin Williams.” Robin Williams did indeed live in Sea Cliff at that point in time in 2013, but he subsequently moved to Tiburon, where he committed suicide in August 2014.
▪ As we parted, this individual reiterated that he was sure that Robin Williams would contact me. I gave the hi tech entrepreneur my Born Again and Origin of the Soul books to forward to Robin, along with my contact information. Much to my disappointment, Robin Williams never did get in touch with me.
▪ Of interest, Robin Williams starred in a movie, What Dreams May Come, which deals with suicide and reincarnation.
Reincarnation and Suicide
▪ Robin Williams Reincarnation Movie What Dreams May Come, Past Life, Walter Semkiw Article If reincarnation is real, which reincarnation research does support, what are the ramifications of suicide on the progression of the soul? Ian Stevenson did publish a reincarnation case involving suicide, which he considered one of the strongest cases he had ever studied. In addition, two other reincarnation cases involving suicide were published by Stevenson’s colleague, Satwant Pasricha, PhD.

Is Mental Illness Continued from One Lifetime to Another through Reincarnation?

Robin Williams suffered from biochemical depression and he may have also had bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness. Both of these conditions are caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain.  Will Rogers, on the other hand, does not appear to have had a history of depression or bipolar disorder. As such, if this reincarnation case is accepted, it appears that mental illness is not a quality of the soul and is not continued from one lifetime to another. Rather, these conditions appear to be related to an individual’s genetic inheritance.
Criticism regarding Robin Williams’ & Kurt Cobain's Suicides
▪ The media has reported that family members of Robin Williams, including his children, have received hostile messages regarding Robin’s suicide. Hostility is generated by the point of view that Robin had everything one could want, such as a loving family, worldwide fame and wealth.
▪ With so many riches, how could he commit suicide? A similar reaction occurred with the suicide death of Kurt Cobain, the late lead singer of the rock group Nirvana.
▪ Kurt Cobain Suicide, Walter Semkiw Article This hostility and lack of empathy for suicide deaths stems from the inability of those who have not experienced depression to imagine how somebody could possibly feel so bad to commit suicide. Very simply, when an individual has severe biochemical depression, that person can experience a total lack of enjoyment in life, as well as profound despair. Only somebody who has experienced severe depression can fully understand it.
▪ The psychological term for the feeling one experiences in depression is “anhedonia,” in which an individual does not experience any joy or pleasure in life. It should be noted that in the vast majority of depression cases, anhedonia can be successfully treated with antidepressant medications. For individuals who do not respond to medications, ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy), also known as electroshock therapy, can be of benefit.
▪ Unfortunately, whether appropriate treatment is not taken advantage of or if treatment does not succeed in controlling anhedonia, people commit suicide as they can no longer tolerate feeling the way that they do. They perceive suicide as being a method to relieve themselves of depression and despair.
▪ Individuals who experience depression must be open to taking medications that will modify the neurochemistry of the brain to relieve anhedonia. Rather than criticize those who succumb to suicide, we must have empathy for the person who feels so bad that they feel they cannot continue living.
Robbins Williams’ Diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease
▪ Robin Williams Reincarnation Movie, Suicide & Past Life, Walter Semkiw Article It was revealed that Robin Williams was afflicted with the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, a neurological condition that affects an individual’s ability to move and walk.
▪ Robin Williams reportedly was an avid bicyclist who used exercise to help deal with his symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is possible that having Parkinson’s disease made Robin even more depressed as he anticipated that he would no longer be able to ride a bicycle. In addition, Parkinson’s disease as itself associated with biochemical depression.
Is Suicide Justified in Light of Evidence of Reincarnation?
▪ Though I do urge empathy and understanding for those who do commit suicide, I do not believe that suicide is a wise choice and that suicide does have karmic implications.
▪ In sum, based on reincarnation research, Robin Williams will not be eternally damned or go to hell. Rather, he will reincarnate and be the same comic genius as he was in his lifetimes as Will Rogers and Robin Williams. He will likely have to deal with karma related to committing suicide, including the grief he caused loved ones, but the progress of Robin's soul will continue.
▪ Hopefully, he will not be born with similar biochemical afflictions in the future. One should keep in mind that Robin had a big heart and did much good for people in need, so he does have positive karma, which will help balance the negative karma incurred by committing suicide.

Reincarnation Stories Involving a Pattern of Suicide Attempts

1. Paul Gauguin | Peter Teekamp Reincarnation Case

Essays on Reincarnation & Suicide

1. A Minister's Husband Commits Suicide-the Aftermath
Going From Being into Nothingness & Finding There is No Exit

"As much as the suicidal personality feels able to escape the world by getting rid of the body, reincarnation's revolving door ensures that all hope (of escape) is short lived. Those who learn that they have killed themselves in past lives are quickly brought to the realization that suicide, far from being an answer to life's problems is (instead) the violent breaking of the lifeline. If the (suicide) could only realize the resulting intensification of difficulty which must enter the life to come, (suicide) would never be (attempted)."
  - Joe Fisher ("The Case for Reincarnation")

"In cases in which the related previous personality had committed suicide, the subject has shown an inclination to contemplate and threaten suicide."
  - Ian Stevenson ("Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation")

"Once a person has taken their life, in the inner realms, the "suicide will repeat automatically the feelings of despair and fear which preceded his self murder, and go through the act and the death struggle time after time with ghastly persistence... They remain conscious - often entangled in the final scene of the earth life for a very long time, unaware that they have lost the physical body."
  - Annie Besant ("Ancient Wisdom")

"Every disgruntled person in this world has played with the idea of suicide, self destruction, at some time or other. The law of God does not allow self-destruction in any form. When a person destroys himself to escape the problems of life, he must return to life almost at once in a new bodily incarnation in order to work out the karma which he refused to confront in the life he just left."
  - Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad (Eckankar: Book 2)

"Woe to the suicides! I believe that there can be none more miserable than they. Oh, there are some who remain proud and fierce even in hell, in spite of their certain knowledge and contemplation of the absolute truth; there are some fearful ones who have given themselves over to Satan and his proud spirit entirely. For such, hell is voluntary and ever consuming; they are tortured by their own choice. For they have cursed themselves, cursing God and life. And they will burn in the fire of their own wrath forever and yearn for death and annihilation. But they will not attain to death."
  - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"Suicide thwarts the plan of the entity which sends out the personality. Fortunately, the entity is far beyond the reach of man's destructive tendencies."  - Manly P. Hall

Welcome to Your Nightmare: Understand What You Are Getting Into

" is only death which is hopeless."
  - Maria McIntosh

From a patient of Brain Weiss MD: "''I'm going to shoot myself and end this misery! I've shot myself in the mouth, and now I can see my body. I'm still so sad. I'm so tired. But I can't rest. Someone is here for me. He has something to tell me. I should not have ended my life!' And so Brian Weiss reflects on his patient's story: "Themes of separation and loss plagued his lifetime. This time they had led him to suicide. He had been warned about not ending a life prematurely. But losses were occurring anew, and grief had returned. Would he remember or would hopeless despair overtake him once again?"
  - Brian Weiss MD ("Only Love is Real")

Ian Stevenson began investigating the case of the Brazilian Paulo Lorenz: The "personality of reincarnating as Paulo was that of his deceased sister, Emilia. She made several suicidal attempts. Finally she took cyanide and died very quickly on October, 12, 1921." Joe Fisher continued the research: Emilia died "fourteen months before Paulo's birth. He took on Emilia's self destructive instincts. Paulo made several attempts to kill himself before committing suicide on September 5, 1966 by setting himself on fire."
  - Ian Stevenson ("20 Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation")
......and Joe Fisher ("Case for Reincarnation")

"Not only is suicide a sin, it is the sin. It is the ultimate and absolute evil, the refusal to take an interest in existence; the refusal to take the oath of loyalty to life. The man who kills a man, kills a man. The man who kills himself, kills all men; as far as he is concerned he wipes out the world... The suicide insults everything on earth by not stealing it. He defiles every flower by refusing to live for its sake. There is not a tiny creature in the cosmos at whom his death is not a sneer. When a man hangs himself on a tree, the leaves might fall off in anger and the birds fly away in fury: for each has received a personal affront... There is a meaning in burying the suicide apart. The man's crime is different from other crimes - for it makes even crimes impossible."
  - Gilbert K Chesterton

" soon as we examine suicide from the standpoint of religion we immediately see it in its true light. We have been placed in this world under certain conditions and for specific purposes. But a suicide opposes the purpose of his creator; he arrives in the other world as one who has deserted his post; he must be looked upon as a rebel against God. God is our owner; we are his property; his providence works for our good."
  - Immanuel Kant
Breaking the Law... And You Will Have to Pay for It... Next Life

▪ "As my body lay dead on that stretcher (he later recovered from being struck by lightning attracted by his cell phone), I was reliving every moment of my life, including my emotions, attitudes, and motivations. The depth of emotion I experienced during this life review was astonishing. Not only could I feel the way both I and the other person had felt when an incident took place, I could also feel the feelings of the next person they reacted to. I was in a chain reaction of emotion, one that showed how deeply we affect one another."
  - Dannion Brinkley ("Saved by the Light")

"Yama, The Judge of the Dead, will say, 'I will look into the mirror of evolution! When he looks into the mirror of evolution, all your sins and virtues will clearly and distinctly appear therein. You lies will not help. But since you cannot die, even though your body is cut to pieces, you revive again."
  - The Tibetan Book of the Dead

"The law does not expressly permit suicide, and what it does not permit it forbids."
  - Aristotle

"And what shall he suffer who slays him who of all men, as they say, is his own best friend? I mean the suicide, who deprives himself by violence of his appointed share of life. Not because the law of the state requires him. Nor yet under the compulsion of some painful and inevitable misfortune which has come upon him. Nor because he has had to suffer from irremediable and intolerable shame, but who from sloth or want of manliness imposes upon himself an unjust penalty."
  - Plato ("Laws")

"For if it is not lawful to take the law into our own hands and slay even a guilty person, whose death no public sentence has warranted. Then certainly he who kills himself is a homicide, and so much the guiltier of his own death as he was more innocent of that offence for which he doomed himself to die."
  - Augustine
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