1. Information Given by a person about himself or another person's previous existence through clairvoyance and trance readings.

▪ Edgar Cayce is the best known person who gave information about himself and also other person's previous existence through clairvoyance and trance readings. He gave details of patients' past lives to explain away the symptoms of current lives with a moral lesson attached.

▪ Edgar Cayce was one of the best-known psychics of the twentieth century. He was one of the first to explore other dimensions of reality. From 1925 through 1944, he conducted some 2500 readings. He would go into a hypnotic trance state and describe the past lives of individuals as casually as if everybody understood and accepted that reincarnation was a fact.

▪ Mr. Cayce was brought up in a fundamentalist Christian family and initially, he himself had a hard time accepting what he was saying during these trance states. Later, as he came to trust in the accuracy of the readings, he gradually understood the basis of reincarnation and karma and how they help us comprehend the seemingly incomprehensible aspects of human life.

▪ The essence of this understanding gained by him can be found in his work entitled 'Scars of the Soul'. In 'Born Again and Again' Cayce deals with topics such as deep-seated fears, physical ailments, mental blocks, vocational talents, innate urges and abilities, marriage difficulties, child training, etc. These were examined in the light of what Cayce called the -karmic patterns resulting from previous incarnations that an individual has had on the earth plane.

▪ These personalities have a lot to reveal on the subject of reincarnation. They provide meaningful type of communication through medium which deserves attention. In the 20's and 30's, Edgar Cayce brought about an increased awareness of past lives by channeling the past life information of people. In 1927. During the process of mediums or sensitive, the earlier lives of persons when questioned became quite apparent. In some cases the statements made by sensitive show a wonderful congruence with apparent memories of the person consulting the sensitive.

▪ None in the 20th Century has had the several experiences on Reincarnation as Edgar Cayce's. He may be looked upon as the greatest exponent and prophet of our age in throwing light on the problems of the cycle of life and death. Gifted with the powers of clairvoyance and extraordinary intuition he has made bare the subtle phenomenon underlying the eternal law of reincarnation. By going deep into the lives through trance, he uncovers all tangles associated with the dilemmas and conflicts and agonies that the people undergo through their journey in life....

▪ Edgar Cayce's greatness lay, while he was alive, in prescribing cures for people he had never seen by astounding accuracy of details related to their suffering. A suggestion of his had many a time brought up many buried memories by way of psychological therapy. It was a breath-taking exercise for any professional in mental sciences to collaborate with the paranormal findings of Cayce. Closely akin to the theory of karma, Edgar Cayce's research work discovers this fact in the light of karma and reincarnation, offering compelling but convincing proof that every soul has been ordained not to live once but many times He has given a large number of the so - called life reading of people (about 2500) as manifested during their previous existence.

▪ Many Mansions (The Edgar Cayce Story on Reincarnation) by Dr. Gina Cerminara has been hailed as a classic in the realm of reincarnation.

▪ The riddles of human existence and the attendant predicament as can be seen in individual lives is the very stuff of this work, built in and around what Edgar Cayce saw, said, found and expounded....

▪ While Edgar Cayce was in deep trance, he was asked to narrate what he was in his previous life. He started as follows : - I was a religious preacher in Egypt. On account of my intense concentration, I had acquired certain powers. But these powers came to naught since I indulged in self-conceit and haughtiness, immodesty and licentiousness. In some other life that I reincarnated I was born in Persia and was proficient in healing diseases as a doctor. Once a war broke out. Then I was wounded, and lay in the desert alone without any help or assistance. I died a miserable death without food or drink. Of course, there was fierce determination on my part to die then.

▪ If at all I am given to extra-sensory perception, I should think it has been the result of the powers of mind that I have retained through my past lives.

▪ Whatever good or bad that has taken place during my lifetime here, let me unhesitatingly say that all this has come out of my past traits and tendencies (Samskara, as it is called in Sanskrit). My mission during my present existence is nothing but rendering service to mankind. To that end and objective I have directed my energies and powers. Nothing could be more rewarding or gratifying than this noble ideal as long as I live in this world.

▪ Hundreds of people used to meet Edgar Cayce to get from him details as regards their previous lives. There was such accuracy as well as authenticity about the events that he narrated. As Edgar Cayce possessed remarkable powers of extrasensory perception that he was able to read out things so well. In all, it is said that he has divined the lives of 2500 people who consulted him.

Edgar Cayce often highlighted a certain important factor

▪ Experiences acquired through the Gateway of Senses get sunk deep into the subconscious mind with the passage of time (as though they have completely faded out) and remain there in their basic essence so subtly that psychoanalysts would never possibly dream of getting even a glimpse of them.

Now follow, for purposes of illustration, a few examples that Edgar Cayce narrated by way of past lives

1. Here is a typical case of a Bank Manager. By temperament and training he was a great lover of sports. During the present life he played basketball regularly. Even on Sundays he never found himself in a mood to go to Church. Well, this was considered a heresy. Hence he was socially ostracized by the traditionalists. It was in this context that the Bank Manager approached Edgar Cayce for consultation. Now came up all facts related to his previous lives : This Bank Manager, in his first birth, was a great philanthropist.

▪ During his second birth, he grew himself famous as an excellent sports-man in Rome. In his third life he lived prosperously as a merchant in Persia. Coming to his fourth existence, he happened to be the treasurer in Egypt. Now was his fifth birth as an extraordinary player of basketball. The accumulated trends and tendencies anti-traits of all the five lives had combined so well, and as a natural corollary he would rather forgo church prayer than a game of basketball. Besides this, because of earlier virtues, he loved people, helped the poor and granted loans to the needy ones as Bank Manager.

2. Quite an interesting case of a boy of 11 years of age who was given to urinate in the bed while asleep ! All treatment proved in vain.

▪ As the last resort the boy's patients approached Edgar Cayce for consultation. In his trance he could see that this boy had been born a Puritan in his previous life. And besides, he was a Minister to the King of France. Nothing was so dear to him as torture inflicted on criminals, and he also loved the sight of drowning those criminals alive. The greater their suffering, the merrier he ever turned. It was because of this wicked act and evil thought that he was urinating in the bed while asleep.

▪ Then he suggested to the parents a suitable remedy by way of psychological suggestion. He told them to whisper in the boy's ears, while in bed, that he was a refined being, very human in his love of fellow people. And further that he was extremely sorry for his past cruelty to people, and so on by way of repentance. Needless to say that the parents paid heed to his advice and in just a few days the boy got himself completely relieved of his agony.

3. Another beautiful lady ! But hopelessly fat ! She could not even move about comfortably. Often she thought to herself that her size was quite repugnant not only in the eyes of other people but in her esteem also. This brought her great misery. Now she approached Edgar Cayce for consultation. in his vision Cayce could see how this lady, in the earlier two births was an ace athlete, ever joyous of her getting laurels. Whenever others lagged behind she made fun of them ; and in particular she was highly sarcastic of those who were fat.

▪ There was no end to her jollity whenever such people were in sight ; and she always looked down upon them. Edgar Cayce pointed out how during the present life this lady had to suffer all that agony of ridicule, others suffered, being a fat lady herself now. He told her that she was paying the penalty very dearly during the present life.

▪ A synopsis of Edgar Cayce's remarkable capacity for clairvoyance could be summed up thus; as so many intimations of individuals while in clairvoyant hypnosis to substantiate reincarnation as a stable fact in nature:

1. Analyses of characters, and meticulous descriptions of circumstances were valid as related to totally unknown persons, at far off places, and in innumerable instances.

2. Whatever predictions made with reference to individuals about their vocational abilities and innate tendencies were found to tally so accurately not only for adults but also for newborn infants.

3. Behavioral patterns of persons were seen in consonance with presumable past life experiences.

4. Relevant data preserved in support of the theory of reincarnation agreed so perfectly well, spread over a period of time, in basic principle and in minute detail.

5. Abstruse facts have been interpreted in the light of historical situations, and invariably they have proved to be correct on verification of recorded historical information.

6. Readings or predictions offered by Edgar Cayce, when followed in spirit, afforded all those that heeded him to mound and shape their career suitably - psychologically, educationally and physically.

7. The base and structure of Edgar Cayce's philosophical and psychological system bear a striking resemblance to the Oriental teachings, especially Ancient Indian Culture that erected an edifice on Reincarnation.

▪ Dr. Ian Stevenson came across a person, apparently recalled, as child of Ancient Greece. Later in life two separate readings related to this child came up to highlight by two sensitise. These faithful accounts furnished about the girl matched perfectly well with the subject's own apparent memories.

▪ As night follows the day, so the law of reincarnation must follow the law of karma. One cannot commit karma and expect it to finish with it in one life.

▪ So there must be many lives to resolve one's karma. Once karma is initiated, it must
(1) continue until it is spent. In this process, karma must have its repercussion in the forms of
(2) consequence and
(3) compensation. So we have 3 laws here.

Akashic Records and Past Life Memory.

▪ The Akashic records our every thought speech and action since our first incarnation. In fact everybody's records are thus registered, and therefore we are all interlinked and interconnected. Our memories do not fade and they remain clear and brilliant as ever, even if the events are tens of thousands of years ago. The Akashic registers our emotional feelings and thoughts and senses whether we are conscious or not. This is remarkable.

▪ There is limitless capacity, unlike the memory in our computers. We can access this memory at any point in time, be it thousands of years ago.

▪ There is no rewinding of the tape. These memories are also structured around associative points. We can see the events without any feelings.

▪ We can look at ourselves in the past as impartial observers. We can go through the same scene and feel the emotional reactions as well as others feelings. We can also look at the situation from a different angle and perspectives.

▪ In a trance or with a shift of consciousness, we can go to our past lives in the whole of the Akashic: a recent life is just as vivid as a one from the far past. Emotionally charged events come sooner than ordinary ones.

▪ Traumatic death experiences usually come out first. Clairvoyants usually can see a past situation similar to the present one. Some blockages to the entry to a specific past situation are encountered: traumatic death experiences and acts related to secrecy.

▪ There is probably no such thing as a 'reincarnation wave' in which a whole country of souls is reincarnated at the same time to one country.

▪ We come back life after life with our friends, loved ones and relatives. They come in different combinations, but it is the intense relationship that we have developed with each other that make us reincarnate together time and again.

▪ In some lives, we are friendly, but in the others we are hostile with one another. On the whole it is love and compassion that bring us back to earth again. This is the reason for the phenomenon of 'love at first sight'. The older souls with more awareness in population II and III are the ones that return with their small groups of acquaintances.

▪ In conclusion, there is enough evidence as enumerated above to state categorically that reincarnation is a fact and not a superstition.

To recapitulate there is evidence in

(a) Near Death Experiences.
(b) Out of Body Experiences.
(c) Clairvoyants and paranormal sensitives who are able to see their own as well as others' past lives.
(d) Spontaneous recall.
(e) Induction by therapists using hypnosis, magnetism, imagination or visualisation and trance.
( f) A past life regression heals the patient.

▪ Then in summary, after scouring through the historical records and properly conducted research in a scientific manner we arrive at these parameters:

(1) We most probably reincarnate hundreds or thousands of times.

(2) Our intermissions are between a few months to several centuries. The older the soul, the longer the intermission.

(3) Almost all of us change sex, but the frequency varies a great deal.

▪ There is no set rules for this. Some authors state categorically that at least 80% of their subjects change sex.

(4) The more mature souls with awareness do have a G-plan, but this is not hundred percent adhered to.

(5) When regressed to a past life, this process may heal the person, especially if the symptoms have no discernible cause.


1. Exploring Reincarnation by Hans TenDam Published by Arkana.

2. Edgar Cayce On Reincarnation By Noel Langley. Published by Warner Books.

3. Many Lives, Many Loves By Gina Cerminara. Devorss Publications.

2. Information Given by dead person through dreams and visions.

Subbaraya Sharma How authentic it sounds when a contemporary could vouch for certain events of his past life, the places and people, experiences and circumstances, and the sins that he had committed then.

1. Subbaraya Sharma

▪ Once Subbaraya Sharma, (familiarly known as Yadathore Subbaraya Sharma) a. resident of Bangalore city, went on a pilgrimage to the Theertha Rameshwara Temple at Chikkanayakana Halli in Karnataka State, India.

▪ After performing the pooja there, he spent overnight in the temple.

▪ During the sleep he experienced a transcendental vision, in which he saw a beautiful young lady sitting close to him and gently whispering thus:

▪ My dear child, you are mine. Don't you know that ! In some remote previous existence you were the Pellegara (Ruler) of this place. Next morning Sharma reported this dream to the Guru Ramananda Swamy, eagerly awaiting his interpretation. To which the Guru said, -That's - true.

▪ Yes, that's your third daughter, Mahalakshmi. I have had a dream like this on two earlier occasions in which she made her appearance. in addition, while performing the pooja to the temple deity, I have seen her in the image of the Goddess too. All this sounds mysterious. Who could possibly account for all the hidden truths engulfed in the past ? Few days after Subbaraya Sharma return to Bangalore, his children fell ill. That very night the Holy Mother appeared in his dream in a dreadful form and said : -I am compelled to take this form today for reasons that I do not wish to explain... Then he woke up from the dream. Sharma's children was were taken ill were his six-year old son, and the other a fourteen-year old daughter. In the evening their condition turned worse. A doctor was sent for around 8-00 p.m.

▪ When doctor came the girl started shouting rather loudly, - Oh father ! why do you make me lie down in the temple ? Take me home, please ! Meanwhile the boy too began feeling extremely uneasy and quite unexpectedly breathed his last on that very night around 10 p.m.

▪ And the condition of the daughter grew from bad to worse. She continued her appeal in the same way : -Please do take me home. Why have you laid me in the temple. I can't bear all this,- and her agony was intensifying every moment till about 11-45 p.m. and then she stopped talking thereafter. During this period Sharma felt a vague sense of past sin and suffering. In his trance like vision he saw his own daughter wearing a yellow sari, with a vertical red mark on her forehead, prostrating before the Holy Mother at the temple mentioned earlier.

▪ Further he saw to his horror that the priest came forward and cut off the daughter's head as an offering to Goddess Durga-and all this blood-chilling vision vanished no sooner than it flashed across Sharma's consciousness. Now he sat ruminating on the significance of this experience of the vision.

▪ About the same time too this ill-starred daughter passed away. The bereaved father sat dazed, and after a while burst out weeping so loudly that he finally went into a deep slumber by the side of the corpse. At that time the past Acharya of Sringeri Mutt, Sri Satchidananda Narasimha Bharati, appeared in his dream and consoled him: Grieve not. What sin you are experiencing now has been the remnant of your past Karma.

▪ Your own evil has recoiled on you. Remember, in your remote previous existence, you were Pellagra of great jurisdiction and power, with all affluence and prosperity at your command at Hagalwadi near Chikkanayakana Halli where you lived. Though you were devoted and pious by nature, by some misfortune you associated yourself with a Tantric Guru.

▪ At his instance you constructed a temple to worship Shri Durga, and got her image consecrated by that Guru. All this you did to further your power and influence by gaining her favor. As suggested by your Guru, you started offering human sacrifice. Know this, I am Sri Vidyaranya of Vijayanagar Kingdom, who gave you this piece of advice and consolation. As you were pious by nature, I wished to wean you away from Tantric worship, from offering human sacrifice. And now Sri Ramananda, your Guru, is none other than the Tantric Guru you were associated with in your previous existence as Pellagra.

▪ That very girl who had been offered as a human sacrifice then, while you were a Pellagra, is the one born to you as your daughter during this life. She has died prematurely at young age so that you might atone for your grievous sins.

Perhaps now you realise why she was repeatedly uttering : -Why have you laid me in the temple. Please take me home: And if I have appeared before you, it is for letting you know all about pre-existence and reincarnation. Subbaraya Sharma trance has been verified to be true. In addition, he has published books and articles on sacred texts.

2. Mr. Hill

▪ The South American explorer, Mr. Hill - in his report to the Editor of the People - furnishes an interesting experience.

▪ It was a fact that he was familiar with certain parts of South America. Though uncanny, he had a recurring dream as an explorer.

▪ He was once suddenly surrounded by a group of dark skinned people and he spoke in their tongue. Quite shocking though, the leader of the party struck him a blow. That was all and the rest remained a completely blank. Later he became a steward in the Royal Mail Liners and went to South America. As things could conspire, he made his way about Rio de Janeiro, Santos and Buenos Aires.

▪ Then he got a feeling that he had walked there several times before. On a specific voyage they took an board with a Danish author at Santos. One day he was called for and informed in plain language -Steward, you are the victim of a remarkable coincidence or something far stranger ! Then the Danish author showed him a human head taken by him from the head-hunters of Amazon, and it was a frightening sight since the head had been reduced to half its normal size, and so preserved by a Secret process. The very appearance of this ghastly head sent cold shivers down the spine as Mr. Hill looked at it…as he knew that he was looking at an exact counterpart of his own face.

3. Felix. F.

▪ One Felix, F. identified himself as a former servant of the family of Dr. Maurier Dellarrey, the author of the report of the case; and this was possible through the medium of ostensible communicator.

▪ The communicator announced the date too of his forthcoming birth into a family the Dellarreys as a cousin. Further the deformities of that birth were also disclosed as follows - as having a slightly deformed right ear quite similar to the one he had during his previous life.

▪ An identical occurrence occurred and a birth took place on the same date when a boy was born to the said family, and indeed with the defect of the right ear as described during the communication, When Dr. and Mme. Dellarrey paid a visit to the family (their cousins), the baby behaved very affectionately to them, though hostile to strangers.


( M. Dellarrey : “One Reincarnation Anyone at verifice” Revue Metapsychique, vol 1).
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