CHAPTER NO:- 10 PART:- 16 》SPLIT INCARNATION (Parallel Lives, Twin Souls & Twin Flames) unbelievable Medical Mystery of Soul.

Split Incarnation or Parallel Lives Defined

▪ Parallel lives, twin souls, twin flames or split incarnation in past life stories Independently researched reincarnation cases, including many studied by Ian Stevenson, MD, demonstrate that a soul may animate more than one physical body at a time. Ian Stevenson called reincarnation cases in whIch lifetimes overlap as "cases with anomalous dates."

▪ We term this phenomenon as "split incarnation."  we refer to two people who derive from the same soul, who are incarnate at the same time, as "splits".  "Parallel lives" is an older term that has been used to describe the phenomenon of splits incarnated at the same time.  

▪ A dramatic and compelling set of cases that illustrate split incarnation involve Penney Peirce.How does split incarnation work? Though we don't know for sure, we can imagine split incarnation as similar to how a mirror can split a beam of light into two or more beams of light.  Similarly, the soul can project more than one beam of light or energy template into physical incarnation at a time.

▪ We can imagine two splits as two arms of a human being.  Each arm has its separate existence, yet both arms are controlled by one brain or mind.  In split incarnation, we can see two splits as two appendages of the soul.  How many splits can a soul project onto the physical world at a time?  As is discussed in the section, Soul

▪ Soul Evolution, it is believed that the maximum number is about seven, though having this number of splits at the same time is rare.

Preservation of Past Life Personalities Within the Soul & Split Incarnation

▪ In the The Cosmo Conscious web site section entitled Xenoglossy, it is described how the soul appears to be able to retain past life personalities intact.  

Xenoglossy is the ability to understand a foreign language that has not been learned in the contemporary lifetime.  In addition to the recovery of a language from a past lifetime, in some xenoglossy cases, the entire past life personality emerges and essentially takes over the body of the contemporary personality.

▪ The Ian Stevenson xenoglossy case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar dramatically demonstrates this phenomenon.

▪ One way to image how the personality can be preserved within the soul is to see ourselves as a bubble that is a miniature version of our soul.

▪ When we incarnate, our bubble is expressed from our soul.  Our bubble contains our soul's energies, qualities and experience.  After our incarnation is completed, the soul resorbs the bubble that is us and retains our bubble within itself forever.

▪ In the case of Sharada | Uttara Huddar, the Sharada bubble, which has resided in the soul since its incarnation ended, emerged from within the soul to express itself through Uttara, a soul bubble that has incarnated.

▪ This bubble analogy can also be used to better comprehend split incarnation.  We can imagine split incarnation as the ability of the soul to express more than one bubble at a time into physical incarnation.

Case Studies Which supports above claim

Independently Researched Reincarnation Cases with Physical Resemblance & Split Incarnation

▪ Penney Peirce Split Incarnation Cases: The Lives of Alice Cary and Charles Parkhurst Overlap by 29 Years

Ian Stevenson, MD & Associates Reincarnation Research: Children Remembering Past Lives with Split Incarnation

▪ Ian Stevenson Children's Past Life Stories with Physical Resemblance & Split Incarnation

▪ Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem: Hanan is Alive While Suzanne is in the Womb

▪ Alessandria Savona 1 and 2: When Spirit Becomes Attached to the Fetus z

▪ Mithilesh Commits Suicide & Reincarnates into the Same Family 5 Weeks after Her Death (Satwant Pasricha, PhD Research) -New Case

Ian Stevenson Thai Children Past Life Stories with Split Incarnation

▪ Nai Leng Consciously Experiences Death and Rebirth as Choate, who was Born a Day Before Nailing Died

▪ Ian Stevenson Turkish Children Past Life Stories with Split Incarnation

▪ Nasir Alev Dies from Tetanus and Reincarnates on the Same Morning as his Death

▪ After Dying in a Turkish Plane Crash, Ahmet Delibalta Reincarnates Within a Week

▪ Mehmet Cosmen: A Muslim Farmer Drowns and Reincarnates within a Few Days Abdulkerim

▪ Haydaroglu Dies in a Minibus Crash and Reincarnates a Month Later

Ian Stevenson European Past Life Stories with Split Incarnation

▪ Poldi Holtzmuller Plans Her Incarnation As Wolfgang's Fetus (Her Next Incarnation) is Already in the Womb.

▪ Eeva-Maija Kaartinen Reincarnates as Her Sister, Maria-Liisa, Who is Already in the Womb
Ruprecht Schultz is Born 5 Weeks Before Helmut Kohler's Suicide.

Reincarnation Case of Penney Peirce

▪ The reincarnation cases of Penney Peirce are very compelling and crucial ones, as they demonstrate that split incarnation exists, which I define as one soul animating more than one human body at a time. Other terms for this phenomenon are twin souls, twin flames or parallel lives.

▪ It is very significant that the pioneer of reincarnation research, Ian Stevenson, MD, also documented cases of split incarnation.  Stevenson called these reincarnation cases with "anomalous dates," meaning that the incarnated personality was born before the past life personality died.  The phenomenon of split incarnation is explained in the The Cosmo Conscious sections:

▪ We will see that two past lives of Penney Peirce, those of Charles Parkhurst and Alice Cary, overlapped by 29 years. In other words, Penney's soul inhabited both the physical body of Parkhurst and the physical body of Cary at the same time, for a period of 29 years.

▪ These cases are also fascinating as they involve a spirit being or spirit guide, channeled through a medium or psychic, who made what appears to be accurate past life identifications.  Penney's reincarnation cases are provided below, as is a discussion of split incarnation as it applies to her past lives.

Child Reincarnation Story of Hanan Monsour | Suzanne Ghanem

Planning Lifetimes: Hanan Predicts She Will Die & Be Reborn with Memories of her Past Life

▪ Hanan was born in Lebanon, in the mid-1930s. When she was twenty, she married Farouk Mansour, a member of a well to do Lebanese family. The couple had two daughters, named Leila and Gelareh. Hanan had a brother named Nabih, who became prominent in Lebanese society, but died as a young man in a plane crash.

▪ After having her second daughter, Hanan developed a heart problem and her doctors advised her not to have any more children. Not heeding the warning, she had a third child, a son, in 1962. In 1963, shortly after the death of her brother Nabih, Hanan’s health started to deteriorate. She then started to talk about dying. Farouk, Hanan’s husband, said that Hanan told him that “she was going to be reincarnated and have lots to say about her previous life.” (1) This was two years before her death.

Before her Death, Hanan Tries to Telephone Leila

▪ At age of thirty-six, Hanan traveled to Richmond, Virginia, to have heart surgery. She tried to telephone her daughter Leila before the operation, but couldn’t get through. Hanan died of complications the day after surgery.

Spirit Communication: An Announcing Dream from the Spirit Realm

▪ Ten days after Hanan died, Suzanne Ghanem was born. Suzanne’s mother told Ian Stevenson that shortly before Suzanne’s birth, “I dreamed I was going to have a baby girl. I met a woman and I kissed and hugged her.  She said, 'I am going to come to you.'  The woman was about forty. Later, when I saw Hanan's picture, I thought it looked like the woman in my dream." (2).

▪ In other words, Suzanne Ghanem’s mother had a dream that she would have a child that had the appearance of Hanan Monsour, and this dream became a reality.

Hanan is Reborn as Suzanne Mansour & Tries to Telephone Leila

▪ At 16 months of age, Suzanne pulled the phone off the hook as if she was trying to talk into it and said, over and over, “Hello, Leila?” The family didn’t know who Leila was. When she got older, Suzanne explained that Leila was one of her children and that she was not Suzanne, but Hanan.

▪ The family asked, “Hanan what?” Suzanne replied, “My head is still small. Wait until it is bigger, and I might tell you.” (3)

Past Life Memories: Suzanne Identifies & Names 13 Past Life Family Members

▪ By the time she was two, she had mentioned the names of her other children, her husband, Farouk, and the names of her parents and her brothers from the previous lifetime—thirteen names in all. In trying to locate Suzanne’s past life family, acquaintances of the Ghanem's made inquiries in the town where the Monsour's lived.

▪ When they heard about the case, the Monsour's visited Suzanne. The Monsour's were initially skeptical about the girl’s claims. They became believers when Suzanne identified all of Hanan’s relatives, picking them out and naming them accurately.

▪ Suzanne also knew that Hanan had given her jewels to her brother Hercule in Virginia, prior to her heart surgery, and that Hanan instructed her brother to divide the jewelry among her daughters. No one outside of the Monsour family knew about the jewels.

▪ Before she could read or write, Suzanne scribbled a phone number on a piece of paper. Later, when the family went to the Monsour’s home, they found that the phone number matched the Monsour’s number, except that the last two digits were transposed. As a child, Suzanne could recite the oration spoken at the funeral of Hanan’s brother, Nabih. Suzanne’s family taped the recitation, though the tape was eventually lost.

Suzanne Still Loves Farouk, her Past Life Husband

▪ At five years of age, Suzanne would call Farouk three times a day. When Suzanne visited Farouk, she would sit on his lap and rest her head against his chest. At 25 years of age, Suzanne would still telephone Farouk.

▪ Suzanne Identifies Past Life Friends from Photos Farouk, a career policeman, has accepted Suzanne as the reincarnation of his deceased wife, Hanan. To support this conclusion, Farouk points out that from photographs, Suzanne accurately picked out scores of people they had been acquainted with, and knew other information that only Hanan would have known.

▪ In this image comparison, Hanan Monsour is on the left side and Suzanne Ghanem is on the right.  A striking physical resemblance is noted, which supports the premise that facial features remain consistent from one incarnation to another.  

▪ Another Ian Stevenson, MD, reincarnation case which dramatically demonstrates how facial features can remain consistent from one lifetime to another is the case of Rashid Khaddage | Daniel Jurdi.

Reincarnation case of Poldi Holzmüller | Wolfgang Neurath

Poldi Holzmuller and her Lack of Attraction for Boys: Past Lives as a Man?

▪ Poldi Holzmüller was born in 1913 in Feldkirch, Austria to a Roman Catholic family.  Her mother’s name was Elizabeth and her father’s Ernst.  Poldi was a quiet child whose favorite hobby was cutting pictures from newspapers and saving them.  Her favorite foods were puffed rice and noodle soup.  As a teenage girl, she was independent and had no interest in boys.  

▪ In fact, she even stated that she would have nothing to do with men, as if she was not attracted to them.

▪ Ian Stevenson's past life research indicates that souls reincarnate in the same gender 90 percent of the time. Poldi lack of attraction to men may be due to this soul having a majority of lifetimes in the male gender and as such, a male mindset, in which an attraction to women is the norm.

Poldi Aunt Tante

▪ Poldi was especially attached to her Aunt Anna, who lived in South Tyrol.  Aunt Anna came to visit Poldi and her family occasionally.  During her visits, Poldi and Aunt Anna were very affectionate.  They would hug and kiss and they had pet names for each other.  Poldi was “Podile” and Anna was “Tantele,” which in German is a variant of tante, which means aunt.  As such, Anna’s nickname was the equivalent of “Auntie.”

Poldi Contracts Tuberculosis

▪ When Poldi was 19 years old, she developed pulmonary tuberculosis.  Though the Holzmueller were Roman Catholic, Poldi and her mother Elizabeth has some interest in reincarnation.  Poldi father, Ernst, did not believe in reincarnation.

Soul Plan: Poldi Says She Will Reincarnate Nearby as a Boy

▪ Throughout the year 1933, Poldi was bedridden.  As tuberculosis was often fatal, Poldi started to think about her death.  She told her mother that if she reincarnated, she would be a boy and she would be reborn in the same neighborhood, so that she could be with her family again.  Further, Poldi said if she reincarnated nearby, she would give them a sign, so that the Holzmueller would know that it was her.

Soul Plan: Poldi wants to Reincarnate & Ride in Marie Neurath's Carriage

▪ The Holzmuller had a neighbor, Marie Neurath, who visited Poldi often during her illness.  Marie became pregnant in the summer of 1933.  On one visit, Marie told Poldi about a baby carriage she had bought in anticipation of having her new child.  Poldi asked if she could accompany Marie on strolls with the new baby.  She then added, “But you know, what I really would like would be to be in the baby carriage myself.”  (1) Poldi died 16 months after she developed tuberculosis on January 13, 1934, at the age of 20.

Announcing Dream from Spirit Realm: Poldi Appears as a Swallow

▪ After Poldi’s death, her mother, Elizabeth, had a dream in which she was in their garden watching swallows perched on a power line overhead.  One of the swallows said:
“Mama, don’t you see me?”
Elizabeth replied: “Yes, but which swallow are you?”
Then she heard Poldi say: “I am here.”  With that statement, one of the swallows flew into a room of Marie Neurath’s home.  (2)

Reincarnation & Gender Change: Poldi
Reincarnates as Wolfgang & Fulfills Carriage Soul Plan

▪ Marie Neurath had a son she named Wolfgang, who was born on March 3, 1934, less than three months after Pilot's death.  When Wolfgang was only 8 days old, Elizabeth, Poldi’s mother, visited the Neurath’s home to see the infant, who happened to be sleeping in the new baby carriage Marie had bought.

▪ Wolfgang awoke and when he saw Elizabeth, he stretched out his hands and smiled, as if to greet her.  Perhaps this was the sign that Poldi promised to give if she reincarnated nearby.

Past Life Recognition of Tantele & Fondness for Puff Rice & Clipping Newspapers

▪ As a young boy, Wolfgang was observed to be effeminate, which he grew out of over time.  His favorite foods were puffed rice and noodle soup, which we recall, were Poldi favorite foods.  Also like Poldi, Wolfgang enjoyed cutting pictures out of newspapers and he was a quiet child, as was Poldi.

▪ When Wolfgang was three, Aunt Anna came to visit the Holzmueller for the first time following Poldi’s death.  Anna was in the family’s garden and Marie went over to chat with her.  At that time, Wolfgang came out of the Neurath’s house and when he saw Anna, he ran joyfully to her, tried to climb the fence that separated them and cried out, “Tante, Tante,” the pet name that Poldi had given Anna.  In contrast, Wolfgang did not call his contemporary aunts by this pet name; rather, he used the proper term “Tante.”  (3)
Wolfgang Asks his Past Life Mother to Buy Him Puffed Rice

▪ When Wolfgang was four years old, he ran into Elizabeth at the local grocery store.  When she started to leave, Wolfgang said: “Wait for me until I have done my shopping.  Then I will go back with you.  We belong together, you now.”  (4) Wolfgang walked Elizabeth back to her home, passing up the Neurath home along the way.  He then said, “I have to go back home over there.  You know I live there now.”  (5)

▪ In another incident at the same grocery store, Wolfgang and his mother, Marie, met Elizabeth, Poldi’s mother.  Wolfgang said to Elizabeth:  “Mama, please buy some puffed rice for me.  My mother over there won’t buy me any.”  (6)
With this statement, if was as if Poldi was asking her mother, Elizabeth, to purchase her favorite food, puffed rice, which was not a staple at her new family’s home.

Wolfgang Knows his Way Around his Past Life Home

▪ When Wolfgang was about 12 years old, he was running errands for Ernst Holzmuller, the husband of Elizabeth and the father of Poldi.  Ernst asked Wolfgang to go back to the Holzmuller home to get something that he needed that was stored in the attic.  Wolfgang ran over to the Holzmuller home and at the door, Elizabeth offered to get the needed article.

▪ Wolfgang replied: “I already know where it is.   I know this house well.”  (7)  In reality, Wolfgang had never been to the second floor of the Holzmuller house before, nor had he been to their attic.  Ian Stevenson noted that on the second floor, there are 6 nearly identical doors along a central corridor.  There was no way to know by looking at the doors which one led to the attic.

▪ Nonetheless, Wolfgang ran up the stairs to the second floor, picked the correct door for the attic and scampered back with the article that Ernst needed.

▪ This is reminiscent of how in the Anne Frank | Barbro Karlen reincarnation case, Barbro knew where pictures should have been found on a wall on her first visit to the Anne Frank House.
Acceptance of Wolfgang as the Reincarnation of Poldi

▪ Elizabeth and Ernst Holzmuller both believed that Poldi reincarnated as Wolfgang, due to the announcing dream, Wolfgang's recognition of Tantele Anna, the common behavior of clipping photographs out of newspapers, his familiarity with the Holly Muller's home and attic, and his fondness for noodle soup and puffed rice.  Note that the Neurath family did not eat puffed rice, as evidenced by Wolfgang having to implore Elizabeth to buy it for him.

▪ The Holly Muller's also noted that Poldi, prior to her death, told Marie Neurath that she would like to be the baby that would occupy her new baby carriage.  It appears that Poldi wish did come true.

Child Reincarnation Story of Alessandrina Samona 1 and 2

Alessandrina Dies of Meningitis

▪ Camelo Samona was a medical physician in Palermo, Italy, who in 1911 published a report regarding a reincarnation case involving his daughter, Alessandrina.  Carmelo’s wife’s name was Adele and in addition to their daughter, they had three sons.

▪ Alessandrina contracted meningitis at the age of about 5 and she died on March 15, 1910.

From the Spirit Realm, Alessandrina
Communicates through a Dream

▪ Three days after Alessandrina death, her mother, Adele, had a dream of her dead daughter who said.

▪ “Mother, do not cry, I have not left you, only withdrawn.  Look! I am going to become small like this.”  In the dream, Alessandria then made a gesture to indicate the size of a baby.  She then said, “You will have to suffer again for me.”  (1)

Alessandrina Knocks on the Door

▪ Three days later, Adele had the same dream. A few days after these dreams, Camelo and Adele both heard three loud knocks at their door.  Their three sons also heard the knocks.

▪ The family opened the door, but no one was there. On April 10, 1910, less than a month after Alessandrina had died, Adele realized she was pregnant.  Due to the dreams and the knocks on the door, Camelo and Adele decided to participate in séances, hoping to better understand what was going on.

Alessandrina Communicates from the Spirit World

▪ On May 4, 1910, Camelo and Adele participated in a mediumistic séance.  In these sessions, a medium would pass on information from deceased individuals, souls in the spirit world, to the human beings who participated in the séance.  Often times, deceased relatives of participants would communicate through the medium. In a séance, Alessandrina came through and said that she had caused the there knocks on the door to draw attention to herself.

▪ She told her parents that she was coming back and that she would be born before Christmas.  She said she would be very similar to before.  She repeatedly said that she wanted all her family and friends to know that she was returning.  Alessandrina said this so many times that Carmelo found it annoying.

▪ In the séances, Adele and Carmelo were also told that a second soul was around them and that this soul would be born with Alessandrina.  In other words, Adele would have twins.

▪ Through the medium, Alessandrina also told Adele and Camelo that after the third month of pregnancy, Alessandrina would not be able to communicate through the séances as she would be more attached to matter and as a result, would be sleeping.

Prophecies Come True & Reincarnation with Same Appearance

▪ In August 1910, an obstetrician determined that Adele was indeed pregnant with twins.  On November 22, 1910, twin girls were born.  Adele and Camelo immediately realized that one of the girls bore an uncanny resemblance to Alessandrina.  

▪ Due to the physical resemblance, they also called this girl Alessandrina, who we will refer to as Alessandrina 2. They named the other fraternal twin girl Maria. We will refer to the deceased daughter as Alessandrina 1. 

▪ Adele and Camelo noted marked similarities in appearance and behavior between Alessandrina 1 and 2, which contrasted with the appearance and behavior of Maria.  When the girls where two and a half years old, Camelo published a report outlining these similarities and differences.  They include the following.

Alessandrina 1 & 2 Have the Same Personality Traits & Reincarnation Phobias of Loud Noises & Barbers

▪ At birth, Alessandrina 1 and 2 both had redness in the left eye, a rash called seborrhea behind the right ear and slight facial asymmetry.  Maria did not have these features.

▪ As toddlers, Alessandrina 1 and 2 were both quiet and liked to sit quietly in their mother’s lap.  They didn’t like to play with toys, but they did like to play with other children.  Maria, in contrast, was restless and liked to be on her own, playing with toys.

▪ Alessandrina 1 and 2 had phobias of loud noises and of barbers, and they both disliked any cheese.  They liked to fold and smooth clothing and cloth, such as sheets and towels.  They both liked to play with shoes and put adult shoes on.  Maria didn’t have phobias of noise or barbers and she liked cheese.  She didn’t like to fold cloth or play with shoes. Same Family Reincarnation, Ian Stevenson Children's Past Life Research, Walter Semkiw Article

▪ Alessandrina 1 and 2 tended to speak in the third person.  When fearful, they would say, “Alessandrina is afraid. (2) They also like to create pet names.  For example, Aunt Caterina became Caterina. (3). They were both left handed, became interested in spiritual matters, but avoided housework.

▪ Maria, in contrast, did not speak in the third person, didn’t modify names, was right handed (like all the other family members) and wasn’t interested in spiritual affairs, but she did like housekeeping.

Photographs Confirm Alessandrina 1 & 2 Reincarnation Resemblance

▪ In his report, Camelo published photos comparing Alessandrina 1 when she was almost 4 years old to Alessandrina 2 and Maria when the twins were 2 years old.  The images showed that indeed, Alessandrina 1 and 2 both had the same facial asymmetry, in that the left eye was significantly closer to the midline than the right.  

▪ The folds of the eyelids  were similarly asymmetric.  Adele thought that in physical appearance, Alessandrina 2 matched Alessandrina 1 “perfectly,” except that 1 was darker in complexion. (4)

Alessandrina 2 Remembers the Visit of Alessandrina 1 to the Church in Monreale & the Priests Who Wore Red

▪ Camelo also reported a past life memory that Alessandrina 2 had when she was 8 or 9 years old.  Camelo and Adele proposed to their children that they take a vacation trip to the city of Monreale, where they would tour the great Norman church in that city.  Adele said to their girls:

▪ “When you go to Monreale, you will see some sights you have never seen before.”

▪ Alessandrina 2 then responded:

▪ “But Mama, I know Monreale.  I have already seen it.”  (5)

▪ Adele then told her daughter that she had never been to Monreale.  Alessandriana 2 then protested:

▪ “Yes I have.  I have been there.  Don’t you remember that there is a great church there with a huge man on the roof with his arms spread out? And do you not remember how we went there with a lady who had horns, and we met some small priests who wore red?”  (6)

▪ Adele and Carmelo were stunned by their daughter’s response.  They did not recall ever speaking to her about Monreale and they were puzzled by her reference to a woman who had horns.

▪ Adele then remembered that a few months before Alessandrina 1’s death, they had taken to her to Monreale to see the church there.  On this trip, they had taken a female friend who had a skin condition that involved prominent, protruding lesions or bumps on the forehead, which could be interpreted by a child as horns.

▪ Adele also recalled that just as they were entering the church, they met Orthodox priests who were wearing blue robes decorated with red.  Adele and Camelo also remembered that Alessandrina 1 took great notice of the woman with the skin condition on her forehead and by the priests they had met at the church.

Is This a Reincarnation Case?

▪ The similarities in physical appearance and behavior between Alessandrina 1 and 2 could be explained by genetics, as they were born from the same parents.

▪ A factor that supports that the similarities are related to the reincarnation includes observations of spirit being guidance.  Adele had dreams in which Alessandrina1 said she would be reborn to Adele.  In addition, Adele participated in seances in which Alessandrina1 said that she would be reborn with a twin, which came true.

▪ The shared phobias of barbers and of loud noises support Alessandrina 2 being the reincarnation of Alessandrina 1.

▪ Most importantly, Alessandrina 2 had memories of the visit to the church in Monreale, of the woman with horns on her forehead and the monks in robes with red, which all correspond to events that occurred in the life of Alessandrina 1.
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