1. Introduction

▪ Using the method of hypnotic regress it is a known fact that an individual susceptible to hypnosis can whilst in this state access past lives experiences.

▪ Hypnosis can be ranked among classical medicine for its therapeutical effects, even though reincarnational hypnosis is considered as alternative form but more because of its philosophical and spiritual dimension. Reincarnational hypnosis is in one way a non-judgmental reflection of oneself, showing all the aspects of the human mind - the negative as well as the positive.

▪ We believe it is good and can be very helpful to be able to find the courage to look at ourselves in this way. Hypnotizability is considered by many experts an inborn quality. It is however, the hypnotist skills, which determines the efficiency and accessibility of this quality in the process.

▪ And rather a little skeptical outlook is needed in taking into consideration the reliability of the experiences from the less deep hypnotic states. When kept at the right conditions, the hypnotised subjects can recall various detailed memories from past lives, such as dates, names of family and loved ones, which can obviously be traced.

▪ They can clearly remember even provable historical facts, mostly though they access themselves in more personal experiences of common people. All of their regress experiences have convincing karmic connections to the widest circumstances of their present lives.

▪ Each experience encountered, be it social or personal areas of their past life, ensues an instant recognition, identifying themselves not so much as with, but as the person of the experience seen. It appears so truthful that they feel as though they have moved in time and fully have become their regress self, expressing every intense emotional or critical moment experienced in the regress with authentic mimic.

▪ This indicates fully active consciousness from the past life and it would not be any more accurate to relate to this phenomena other than past life memories. An adoption of a past life consciousness, hence their habits, talents or language manifests in phenomena like Nonglossy. It means an ability to actively communicate in the past life language while in the regression.

▪ The particular habits, talents, and languages spoken in the past lives are also potentially accessible on an acceleratory level in the present.

▪ For all the regressive experiences and detailed memories it is natural to appear very spontaneously and the hypnotist, when working with this information should follow their natural flow. Applying hypnotic pressure in order to induce their further specification wouldn't bring any reliable results, more likely it will only confuse the clarity of the experience.

▪ Unresolved unconscious karmic issues are one of utter importance in hypnotherapy, as these very problems have strong pathogenic effects on the individual's present life. However, while reliable authentic past life experiences are conditioned by a deep hypnotic state, the therapeutic process is fully effective to an individual who are already in middle of hypnotic state.

▪ The psychosomatic cotorsion, which is an actual healing effect of the hypnotherapy, can be successfully induced using hypnotic pressure, thus bringing in this case dramatic improvement of the subjects issues.

2. There Exist Supportive Facts for for  the Reincarnation  theory.

▪ One of the most interesting and extraordinary phenomenon is that of children with very precise and real memories of their past life family, as well as other past life details, these were traced and proven by the research of Professor of Psychology Ian Stevenson. Most of these children are born in India, what could be assigned to the common spiritual consciousness in this land, that reincarnation is a part of ancient religious tradition.

▪ Another example is the ability of highly spiritually developed persons to access their past lives when in meditation (a kind of autohypnosis) or the phenomenon of flashbacks or deja-vu in a normal state of consciousness.

▪ We personally believe that reincarnation hypnosis, despite the controversial public attitude can provide sufficient proof of the existence of reincarnation.

3. If Reincarnation is real - it can eventually be proven

▪ We call reincarnation, a process where the core substance of an individual is reborn in a future lifetime, has existed in all major historical cultures.

▪ It has largely been rooted in dreams, hypnosis and psychic clues. Recently, more objective evidence has included memories of events or knowledge apparently based in the lives of deceased individuals. New research suggests that physical and personality traits may be inherited from the past.

▪ Reincarnation Research Centre seeks to evaluate areas of empirical evidence suggesting reincarnation and determine its reliability for identifying past-life connections in individual cases.

▪ Truth in this area is an illusion, but it can be approached through use of 21st-century scientific concepts and tools.

4. Typical potential cases analyzed by the experiment.

▪ Dreams with historical images or information, recognizing people or places never seen before. Unexplained emotions related to new places or people, knowing an untaught foreign language or fact, Precocious abilities in any field, parallel physical features drawn to strange people and places.

II. Several types of possible past lives :

1. World War-II service in Germany, UK, Italy, and Japan or Civil Wars as in America or Spain.

2. Past-lives ended by violent accidents, shipwrecks, murders, or drugs.

3. Well-known musicians or other artists and writers.

4. Past lives from other races or cultures.

5. Famous figures or ordinary citizens - previous incarnations from early or ancient times.

5. The Art and Science of Reincarnation

▪ The philosopher David Hume said, in his essay Of the Immortality of the Soul :- Metempsychosis [reincarnation] is…. the only [survival] system of this kind that philosophy can hearken to.

▪ Some philosophers, psychologists and thinkers admit that reincarnation is a very sensible idea because it would answer so many questions and problems about human existence.

▪ The idea of reincarnation has existed for thousands of years. Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age beliefs adhere to forms of reincarnation, but all hold somewhat differing ideas to its purpose and its methods. Hinduism, in short, believes in an eternal soul that accumulates karma during its lifetime that eventually attracts the soul to another body, which may or may not be human.

▪ Buddhism is similar, except there is no eternal personal soul that is reincarnated, but instead the energy force created by karma is that which is reincarnated. The goal of Buddhism is to become free of the illusion of self, which is part of the desire for life that creates karma and therefore causes reincarnation. Nirvana is total annihilation of the self to become the One at which point there is an end to reincarnation and an extinction of personal self.

▪ New Age beliefs are less dogmatic, but still have certain ideas associated with reincarnation; sometimes much to do, it seems, with personal taste.

▪ If we look carefully we can find scientific evidence of the structures that allow reincarnation to exist. And if we study these structures we should be able to find exactly how reincarnation works and to therefore know what will happen to us after we die.

▪ In the personal soul the soul can only go to a body without a soul, that is, to an unborn human child. As we saw in a human being has a bioplasma body, which the evidence tells us must contain a structure of consciousness - the soul. The soul has structured the bio-plasma by recording the essence of a person's life experience. Because bio-plasma is a property of living matter an unborn child would also have a bio-plasma, but would not yet have had any concrete experiences that would form a soul structure in the bio-plasma.

▪ At a certain stage the unborn human child, in short, does not yet have a soul. Therefore, when a person dies, their soul must be transmitted to an unborn child, which then structures the bio-plasma of the child with the bio-plasmic pattern of the dying person's soul.

▪ The death and transfer are part of the method of the evolution of consciousness. Many mystics, such as Eileen Garrett, a well-known clairvoyant, have seen spirals of energy leaving the dead body. However, although a transfer of energy may also accompany reincarnation, we know that the pattern of the soul has to be transmitted.

▪ In August 1986, Sydney University's scientific research team discovered a 'low level' energy field. The field was described as being possibly the Universal or Unified Field, and was able to transmit energy patterns from one natural source to another and produce a physical formation of those patterns. The Science/Art Research Centre in Berri, South Australia confirmed this when researchers there successfully replicated the experiment conducted at Sydney University [Ref: Mark Balfour. Simply Living. Vol. 3, No. 10. P.86.].

▪ The soul, to transmit from one bio-plasma to another, needs to transmit its pattern, so the discovery of this energy field reveals a fundamental structure for reincarnation.
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