CHAPTER NO :- 6 》ARCHAEOLOGICAL, HISTORICAL, LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS 》Part :- 9 》Bible is wrong about Camels and Dinosaur - Camel and dinosaur archaeology disproves bible.

▪ Camel Disproves Bible, Camel proves that Bible is wrong.

▪ It’s clear to reasonable people that the Bible is not meant to be taken as any kind of history. It is a collection of stories, full of contradictions and things that don’t match with real world findings.

New carbon dating that determined the age of the oldest known camel bones has challenged Biblical accuracy.

▪ Camels are described in the Old Testament stories of Abraham, Joseph and Jacob as pack animals.

▪ The latest findings, published in the journal Tel Aviv, reveal that camels were most likely domesticated around 900 BCE – centuries after the biblical stories are believed to have taken place.

▪ Researchers Erez Ben-Yosef and Lidar Sapir-Hen of Tel-Aviv University used radiocarbon dating on camel bones unearthed in multiple excavations from the Aravah Valley, which runs along the Israeli-Jordanian border from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea and was an ancient center of copper production.

▪ The results dated the bones to the last third of the 10th century BCE or later – hundreds of years after the Hebrew patriarchs lived. The bones most likely belonged to wild camels which may have lived during the Neolithic period (about 9500 BCE) or even earlier.

▪ The Old Testament stories of Jacob, Joseph and Abraham mention camels. Scholars generally date those stories to between 1500 and 2000 BCE. There has been other research that puts the introduction of domestic camel at 1200 BCE. This new result pushes that even further forward and centuries away from the Bible stories, to a gap of up to 1100 years.

The findings suggest that camels were brought into the southern Levant (area of ancient and modern-day Israel) perhaps by Egyptian traders.

▪ As the paper notes, this introduction of the dromedary camel (Camelus dromedarius), was critical to facilitating trade in the region.

Prehistoric camels were native to North America 40-50 million years ago before they died out in that area. By 3 million years ago, population of Camelini had migrated over the Bearing land bridge to Asia. Dromedaries appear to have first been domesticated in Somalia and southern Arabia about 4,000–5,000 years ago (3000 BCE). [Source]

The radiocarbon dating indicates that domesticated camels appeared “not earlier than the last third of the 10th century BCE and most probably during this time” coincident with the rise of copper smelting in the region.

You can read the paper from the below link

▪ Archaeologists Carbon-Date Camel Bones, Discover Major Discrepancy In Bible Story.

▪ Dr. Robert Harris, an Associate Professor at the Jewish Theological Seminary, says this shouldn’t come as a shock to the theological community.

While these findings may have been published recently, those of us on the inside have known the essential facts for a generation now,” Harris conveyed to HuffPost Religion through associates at JTS. “This is just one of many anachronisms in the Bible, but these do not detract from its sanctity, because it is a spiritual source, not a historical one.”



The “Age of Dinosaurs” is the Mesozoic Era, which is divided into three periods: the Triassic (245-208 million years ago), Jurassic (208-145 million years ago), and Cretaceous (145-66 million years ago). There are thousands of fossil evidence to prove the above claim

According to fossil and geological evidence, Dinosaur extinct about 60 million years ago. Asteroid impact around Mexico made a drastic climatic change which was very unfavorable to dinosaurs which lead to food competition and cold climate for several years leads to extinction of dinosaurs around 60 million years ago.

Bible is again wrong here, this one evidence is enough to say that bible is wrong. According to Bible, Adam gave the name to all millions of animals, But what science got evidence totally opposite to it, There was not even a single human being on this earth during the age of the dinosaur. There exists millions of years gap between the dinosaur and human beings. This scientific evidence disproves biblical creation story as a myth.


1. Some Pastors defends by saying dinosaur got extinct during Noah's ark, Some pastors says Noah did not carry dinosaur on the ark, some paster says Noah carried dinosaur but later human killed dinosaurs.

2. Some Pastors Defends by saying Dragons, Serpents, Beasts are Dinosaur.


1. Features of the dragon, Beasts, Serpents (fire from the mouth, talking to human beings, diverting people away from christ etc) Doesn't matches with any features of Dinosaur known by science.

2. There is not even a single Authentic Archaeological, Biological, Geological, Fossil Evidence is there to say that Dinosaur Co-Exist with Human beings.


Some pasters who have actually analyzed fossil evidence of dinosaur, now believe that dinosaurs are also Biblical god's creation who lived and got extinct, later god created adam and eve, ha ha ha this is one more funny answer. If god created dinosaur millions of year before Adam and eve then why the hell it is not mentioned in bible??.
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