CHAPTER NO :- 4 》SCIENTIFIC ERRORS》Part :- 4 》 Some of Scientific Inaccuracies in the Bible by Daniel Henson

In this part we have given only some of Scientific Inaccuracy in the Bible, This report was actually made by atheist Daniel Henson.

In the Next part ie on CHAPTER NO :- 4 》Part :- 5 》 we have explained all scientific, Medical science, biological and historical errors in Entire bible from Genesis to Revelation.

A. Earth is about 6000 years old, as calculated from the genealogies in Gen and Luke 3. (see the problem of a young earth later in the outline).

B. Birds were created before land animals (Gen 1:20, 24). - Fossil record shows exact opposite.

C. Earth has four corners, and floats on water (Isa 11:12, Ps 24:2, 136:6, Rev 7:1).

D. Earth is a circular disk (Isa 40:22).

E. Earth is flat (these verses were used for centuries by the church to prove this:   Ps 93:1, Jer 10:13, Dan 4:10-11, Zech 9:10, Matt 4:8, Rev 1:7).

F. Earth does not move (Ps 93:1, 96:10, 104:5, 1 Chr 16:30).

G. Death or illness is caused by sin (Gen 2:17, Lev 26:16, 21, 25, Deut 7:15, 28:21, 27, James 1:15).

H. God himself believes that a house or clothes can have leprosy and he details the remedy. Lev 13, 14.

I. Seed must "die" before it grows (John 12:24, 1 Cor 15:36).

J. Snakes eat dust (Gen 3:14, Isa 65:25).

K. Every beast shall fear man (Gen 9:2).

L. The ostrich abandons her eggs (Job 39:13-16).

M. A river divides into four rivers and they flow in different directions (Gen 2:10).

N. There was no rainbow before Noah's time (Gen 9:11-17).

O. Thunder is God's voice (Ps 77:18).

P. Earthquakes are caused by God's anger (Job 9:5, Ps 18:7, 77:18,  97:4, Isa 2:19, 24:20, 29:6, Jer 10:10, Ezek 38:20, Nah 1:5).  Or by his voice (Heb 12:26).  Or by Lucifer (Isa 14:16).

Q. Earthquakes can occur in heaven (Heb 12:26).

R. Rainwater does not return to the sky (Isa 55:10).

S. Blood is "life" (Deut 12:23).  Breath is "life" (Gen 2:7).

T. Moon will turn to blood (Acts 2:20).

U. The moon has a light of its own (Isa 13:10, Matt 24:29).

V. The stars can be made to fall (Matt 24:29, Mark 13:25).

W. The bat is a bird (Lev 11:13,19, Deut 14:11, 18).

X. The whale is a fish (Jonah 1:17, Matt 12:40).

Y. Whales were created before insects (Gen 1:21-24).

Z. Jonah is able to survive three days and nights in the belly of the fish without oxygen and without being digested (Jonah 1:17, 2:10).

A1. The hare chews the cud (Lev 11:5-6).

B1. Some fowl and insects have four legs (Lev 11:20-23).

C1. Levi existed as a person in the loins of his great-grandfather (Heb 7:9-10).

D1. Cattle will produce striped offspring if they see striped poles when breeding (Gen 30:37-41).

E1. Bees will build a hive in a dead carcass (Judg 14:8).

F1. Salt can lose its saltiness (Matt 5:13, Mark 9:50, Luke 14:34).

G1. Slugs / Snails melt as they move (Ps 58:8)

G2. Noah’s Flood  

1. Why the ordered fossil layering of plant and animals? The common answer is that simpler lifeforms could not flee the floodwater and so are on the bottom. How did plants move away from the flood to end up with fossilized forests on top of other fossilized forests? Why do we not find one lame human that couldn’t flee? Why didn’t dinosaurs make it to the hills?

2. Where did all of the water come from and where did it go? (Conservative estimates need about 3x the amount of water in the entire earth, it’s polar caps and it’s atmosphere to cover the mountains like the bible says.)

3. The ancient egyptians were already keeping records for hundreds of years before the flood and did not seem to notice that their entire civilization was wiped out, or that a flood occurred at all.

4. The Djoser Step Pyramid and the Great Pyramid of Cheops were both built hundreds of years before the flood with no evidence of water damage.

5. If the flood created fossils, and two of every kind were on the ark, then that means that we have to have two of each “kind” of fossil we have ever found. What about the special diets and environmental needs of some of these animals on the ark? How did they have the manpower to feed these animals, how did the food to keep these animals alive stay fresh?

6. How did the ark stay afloat? The longest wooden ships today are around 350 feet and are banded with iron clasps and must be continuously pumped due to leaking in wood. The ark was 450 feet long.

7. Why are the vast majority of fossils found in riverbeds and other aquatic areas if the whole earth including dry land was covered in water? Shouldn't fossils just be everywhere?

8. Distribution of animals - If Noah’s ark landed in Turkey, why would marsupials go back to Australia where we find the majority of marsupial fossils that were deposited by the flood. Why didn’t marsupial disperse out from turkey? Evolution’s predictions regarding marsupials is exactly what we actually find buried in the strata- the origin of marsupials in North America, migrating through Antarctica and flourishing in Australia.
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