CHAPTER NO :- 7 》FAILED PROPHECIES》Part :- 3 》Wrong, Post-Event, Vague, Failed Prophecies in Bible Continued.

These are the False, Failed Prophecies in Bible which never Happened Historically.

In this part we have mentioned only few, In the next part we have mentioned all failed prophecies from Genesis to Revelation.

A. Unfulfilled  Prophecies

1. Cain will become a fugitive (Gen 4:12, 14).  But he built a city and presumably lived in it (Gen 4:16-17).

2. Israel will be captive 400 years in Egypt (Gen 15:13, Acts 7:6).  It was 430 (Ex 12:40)

3. Jacob, renamed "Israel" by God, will never be called "Jacob" again (Gen 32:28, 35:9-10).  He was continually called "Jacob" afterwards (ca. 40 times in Genesis, e.g. 49:33, 11 times in Ex).

4. There shall be no miscarriage or barrenness among the Israelites in Israel (Ex 23:26).

5. Ephraim and Manasseh will drive out the Canaanites  (Josh 17:17-18, also Ex 33:2, 34:11; God had earlier promised to"destroy" the Canaanites at Ex 23:23-24, Deut 31:3-5). Hornets will drive them out (Ex 23:28).  But they did not (Judg 1:27-29, 3:1-3, 4:2-3, Num 14:45).

6. Zebulon will dwell at the seaside (Gen 49:13).  But its territory was entirely inland (Josh 19:10-16; look at any map of the tribes' territories).

7. Israel will never be ruled by another nation (Deut 15:6).  But Mesopotamia ruled it for eight years (Judg 3:8), Moab for 18 (3:14), and many other nations have ruled it since, although
  God said "I will not fail thee nor forsake thee" (Josh 1:5).

8. Jerusalem will never more be entered by the uncircumcised or the unclean.  Jerusalem will be forever delivered from foreign domination (Isa 52, Joel 3:17).  Jerusalem will never be destroyed again forever (Jer 31:40).  Jerusalem was almost continually under foreign domination and has been destroyed several times, e.g. by the Romans in 132 AD.

9. Judah will be captive for 70 years in Babylon (Jer 25:11-13). The captivity lasted from 586 (or 597) to 538 BC, only 48 (or 59) years.

10.  If Israel is not obedient, it will suffer all the curses listed in Deut 28:15-68, including being returned to slavery in Egypt (Deut 28:15, 68).  The Israelites were not obedient, but they never again became Egyptian slaves.

11. Jews who move to Egypt will die out with no remnant (Jer 42:17).  But Jews established a large settlement at Alexandria and other places in Egypt and thrived there for many centuries.

12.  Damascus will become a ruinous heap, no longer a city (Isa 17:1). But Damascus has had an uninterrupted existence as an important city for 3500 years.

13. God will destroy the seed of David's enemies (Ps 21:10).  The descendants of David's enemies are now very populous.

14. No king will ever have as much wealth as Solomon (2 Chron 1:12)

15.  God satisfies the desires of every living thing (Ps 145:16).

16. Amaziah's sons will all die by the sword (Amos 7:17).  But his son Uzziah died of leprosy (2 Chron 26:1, 21).

17. Isaiah 7, 8 prophesies to Ahaz, king of Judah, that Syria and Israel will not prevail against him.  They did (2 Chron 28;2 Kings 16:5 gives a different result).

18.  Isaiah 8:4-8 promised that Assyria would assist Judah.  It did
    not (2 Chron 28:16-20; 2 Kings 16 gives a different result).

19. Tyre will be destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar and never be rebuilt (Ezek 26:3-14,21, 27:36, 28:19).  Tyre was besieged but not destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar (Ezek 29:18).  Alexander the
    Great destroyed it three centuries later, but it was immediately rebuilt, was prominent in Jesus' time, and still exists today (Matt 15:21, Acts 21:3, and other passages).  Isaiah 23 says Tyre will be rebuilt after 70 years.

20. Nebuchadnezzar will not be able to conquer Tyre, and so God will allow him to conquer Egypt instead (Ezek 29:18-20, 30:4-19). Nebuchadnezzar never conquered Egypt.

21. Judah will be a terror to Egypt, which will then worship God (Isa 19).  Nothing like this has ever occurred.

22.  The Canaanite language will be spoken in five Egyptian cities (Isa 19:18).  This never occurred, and that language is now extinct.

23. Israel will have the labor and produce of Egypt and Ethiopia, who will be Israel's slaves (Isa 45:14).  This never occurred.

24. Israel will never again (after Isaiah's time) be ravished by plunder (Isa 62:8-9).  It has been destroyed and ravished numerous times since then.

25. Egypt will be made desolate and waste and be uninhabited for 40 years, no one will pass through it, and the Egyptians will be scattered (Ezek 29:9-16, Joel 3:19 - Joel says this event is "near" at 2:1, 3:14).  This never occurred.

26.  The Nile River will dry up (Isa 19:5, Ezek 30:12, Zech 10:11). This has never occurred.

27. Edom (Idumaea) will be waste, no human will pass through it (Isa 34:9-10).  This area (between Sinai and the Dead Sea) has always been populated.

28.  Zedekiah will die in peace (Jer 34:3-5).  He was blinded and died a captive in Babylon (Jer 52:9-11, 2 Kings 25:7).

29. Babylon will be destroyed by the Medes in a time "near to come" and it shall never again be inhabited, and the Arab will not pitch his tent there (Isa 13, 8th century BC).  Sennacherib (never destroyed, continually inhabited and still inhabited in Iraq) an Assyrian, destroyed it in 689 BC, but Esarhaddon rebuilt it.  Jeremiah again (Jer 25:12-13, 50:9-40, 51:26-43)) prophesied its total destruction and lack of habitation (v 13).  It was conquered by the Persians Cyrus and Xerxes, and again by Alexander the Macedonian in 323, who died there.  It was inhabited up to 275 BC, when its inhabitants moved to a new village nearby. Its temples were still in use a century later.  It is now an archaeological site, attracting tourists, i.e., there are people there.

30. Josiah will die in peace (2 Kings 22:18-20).  He died from wounds inflicted in battle (2 Chron 35:20-24).

31. Jehoiakim's body would be desecrated by his people and dragged outside the gates of Jerusalem (Jer 22:18-19, 36:30-31).  He was carried captive to Babylon and died there (2 Chron 36:5-6; see also 2 Kings 24:6, which implies he had a peaceful death).

32. Jehoiakim will have no successor on the throne of David; his seed is cursed (Jer 36:30-31).  But his son reigned, although briefly (2 Chron 36:8-9, 2 Kings 24:6-8).  And Jesus is his descendant (1 Chron 3:16-17, Matt 1:12).  

33. Ammonites will be "no more remembered [after 6th century BC]"(Ezek 21:28-32).  Ammonites continued to exist into 2nd century AD (and are remembered by this mention in the Bible).

34. Antiochus IV (the "king of the north") will conquer Egypt, Libya and Ethiopia, and die in an encampment between Jerusalem and the Mediterranean Sea (Dan 11:43-45).  He never made those conquests (although he briefly occupied part of Egypt), and he died in Persia.

35. Jerusalem will be destroyed by a flood (Dan 9:26).  Christians interpret Daniel's prophecy to refer to the destruction of 70 AD, but there was no flood then, or at any other time.

36. Jesus' followers will do greater works than he (John 14:12).

37.  Believers in Christ will be able to drink poison, survive bite of poisonous snakes (Mark 16:17-18, Luke 10:19).

38. Jesus said cock would not crow till Peter had denied him three times (John 13:38), but Mark 14:66-68 says cock crowed after the first.

39. Jesus said he would be in the tomb three days and three nights (Matt 12:40).  But he was buried on Friday and had been resurrected by early Sunday, only two nights.

40. The Second Coming (and the End of the World) was promised by Jesus to be within the generation contemporary with him (Matt 10:7, 23, 16:28, 24:32-34, Mark 9:1, 13:24-30, Luke 9:27, 21:25-32).  Paul also said this (1 Thess 4:15, 17, Heb 1:2, 10:37, 9:26 ["now in the end of the world he hath appeared"], 1 Cor 7:29; also 1 John 2:18, James 5:8, 1 Pet 4:7 ["end of all things is at hand"]).  Jesus says that some of his listeners will "not taste death" until he returns in glory (Matt 16:28, Mark 9:1, 13:30, Luke 9:27).  See also Matt 4:17, John 5:25, 12:31, Rev 1:1, 3, 3:11, 22:6-12, on the imminence of the last days ("soon", "shortly").  Luke is the only one to hedge, saying "the end is not by and by" (Luke 21:9, 19:11).  Joel said (4th cent. B.C.) that Judgment Day was "near" even then (Joel 3:14, 2:1).  Paul and John say that their own time is the end of the world because the signs have already appeared (Heb 9:26, 1 John 2:18).

B. "Fulfillment" of non-existent prophecies

1. John 7:38.  "Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water."

2. Luke 24:46, 1 Cor 15:34.  Messiah would die, be buried, rise on third day.

3. Matt 27:9-10 cites a non-existent passage in Jeremiah,  "fulfilled" when Judas takes the 30 pieces of silver and  buys a potter's field.  (Zech 11:12-13 mentions 30 pieces of silver and a potter, but it is not a prophecy).

4. Matt 2:23.  Messiah would be called a Nazarene.

C. "Fulfillment" of passages not intended as prophecies

1. Ps 16:8-10 "fulfilled" at Acts 2:27-28, 13:35-36.  You will not leave my soul in Hell.

2. Ps 41:9 "fulfilled" at Acts 1:16.  My friend, whom I trusted has lifted up his heel against me.

3. Ps 78:2 "fulfilled" at Matt 13:35.  I will open my mouth in parables.

4. Hosea 11:1 "fulfilled" at Matt 2:15.  The flight into Egypt.

5. Ps 69:21 at John 19:28.  Vinegar to drink.

6. Ps 69:9 at John 2:13-17, Rom 15:3.  "The zeal of thine house has eaten me up" = Jesus' cleansing of the temple.

7. Ps 69:25 at Acts 1:18-20.  My enemies' habitation be made desolate = Judas' fate
8. Isaiah 9:1-2 at Matt 5:14-16.  Land of Zabulon and Naphthali, which were in darkness, saw light.

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